Thursday, September 13, 2012


Fashion jeans are the most frequently used options for worn as everyday clothing to accompany you to work or relax. Due to its flexibility that can be used in different occasion, a fashion classic jeans that remain popular with all ages, from time to time. Various models of jeans trousers you can find at this time, but did you know the right model to apply and conform to the shape of your body, so that your appearance is also becoming perfect? Here are tips on how to choose the type of jeans that fit your body shape:

1. For You The Big Berpaha.
 Big thigh shape is almost similar to the shape of the body with large hips. Body is appropriate to use a model with a pipe pants trousers top rather wide and straight pipe bottom (Baggy). For this kind of body shape, avoid using wide-legged trousers models, as it will shape your body will look bigger.

2. For You The Short stature.
 Do not worry about the short body! You can still wear trousers styled with jeans. Choose trousers with straight models (regular fit) that will make you appear 'safe' or semi-tight models (slim fit) that you can make a little style. Avoid wearing wide-legged trousers below (Cut Bray) because this model can lower body weight. In other words, your body will look shorter. Avoid using patterned pants are too crowded, because it will further narrow the field of view of your pants.

3. For You The Big hips. 
Choose pants with a model form a rather wide at the hips and straight-legged at the bottom (Baggy). Avoid wearing pants with large size motif at the top because it can give a great impression on the hip.

4. For Your Small Berpaha. 
Choose pants with a straight model forms (Straight) to disguise your thighs a little. Avoid selection of jeans trousers with slim-fit models or even skinny, because you'll look even thinner with disproportionate legs (too small)

5. For You The Slim stature.
 This body shape is the most ideal, with a small belly shape. Pick-legged trousers that slightly flared at the bottom, even Hipster models can also be an option to wear. Try style by wearing trousers with a pattern, either form of embroidery or sequin detail game.

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