Thursday, September 13, 2012


The world is now a high creative and innovation to compete. Almost all scientific fields and work demands new ideas are more creative takes this dipermukaan.berikut reluctant to appear to be a way for people who are creative and be successful:
1. Creating creativity
Creativity is not a talent from birth but the creativity that can be created. One way to create the idea is to combine two different things into one. And you can cheat idea abroad that can be done via the internet, and in modification.

2. Be responsible
Creativity is a person not determine him to be successful. Success is a choice all depends on the nature and willingness to yourself.
One success is the attitude of self-responsibility. The attitude of professionals responsible for providing solutions to our much more advanced and more successful.

3. Consistent
In every attitude you are going to take will always be challenged. Sometimes, mistakes can be the obstacle to take a stand for yourself to grab the opportunity to be successful.
And challenge young people seize an opportunity is itself embodied in a consistent attitude.
There is a spirit that is the spirit that only soda diawalnya, not consistent until the end. Appointments are only undertaken when it is like after meakukan not bored anymore.
So in good or bad, keep your commitment to live it.

4. Changing mood with movement
Without disadariseseorang influenced by the mood to do various things. Mood was actually formed from the emotions. Dengean move a little out of our bodies, our emotions can change. One can not change your emotions and can not control you, only you can control yourself.

5. Studying successful people
Another way is to imitate the success gained success. Imitate the routines that made their way of thinking, and menrapkan in your everyday life. You can take the good things from successful people and throw their negativity.

6. Motivate yourself
We can motivate ourselves when we have the right of self-talk. Self-talk is when we talk to myself in the heart. Additionally you can create questions that can motivate yourself. One asked can make you down and unmotivated.

7. Be different
Some of the ways that young people can be successful
1) Should have invested themselves in things better. Such as: invest themselves in their association as well as read books.
2) Successful people are the minority. To succeed, you can see what most young people do and do the opposite. With this we will be a different young

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