Thursday, September 13, 2012


If you still remember with these viruses, the Virus Top-10 March 2008 issue of the past, virus Discusx.vbs order 5, but this time he shot up to the first order. The following list details:

1. Discusx.vbs
Virus VBScript this one, has a size of about 4800 bytes. He will try to infect multiple drives on your computer, including flash disk drive, which if infected will create an autorun.inf file on the root drive and System32.sys.vbs it. In addition, he will change the caption of Internet Explorer to ". :: Discus-X LEBARAN MET SAY! [HAPPY LEBARAN?!] ::. '.

2. Reva.vbs
Again, the virus types that VBScript pretty much complained of by some readers. He will try to spread itself to any drive on your computer including flash disk drive. On the drive there will be infected Reva.vbs file, autorun.inf, and shaheedan.jpg. In addition, he will change the default page of Internet Explorer to point to the site-specific situd.

3. XFly
PC Media Antivirus identifies two variants of the virus, namely XFly.A and XFly.B. Just like most other local viruses, he created using Visual Basic. It has a body size of 143,360 bytes without being compressed. And he can masquerade as folders, WinAmp MP3 file or any other way directly change the icon resource that is in his body. It will be more difficult to recognize a lay user. At the infected computer, when running Internet Explorer, its caption is changed to ".. :: X-fly :: ..", and when starting Windows will display a message from the creator of the virus in the default browser. Or every time show at 12:30, 16:00, or 20:00, the virus will display a black screen that also contains a message from the creator of the virus.

4. Explorea
Viruses that are compiled using Visual Basic comes with a size of about 167,936 bytes, without being compressed. Using a standard Windows folder icon similar to defraud victims. This virus will attack your Windows Registry to change the default open than some extensions like. LNK,. PIF,. BAT, and. COM. At the infected computer, times when certain error message sometimes appears, for example, when opening the System Properties.

5. Gen.FFE
Gen.FFE or manufacturer named Fast Firus Engine is one of the Generator Virus program locally made. By simply using this program, it did not take long to create a virus / new variants. Virus output of this program uses the standard folder icon similar to the default Windows image. He will block access to the Task Manager, Command Prompt, and eliminate some of the menu in the Start Menu. He also will read the caption of the current program, if there is a string associated with the antivirus program will soon be closed to him.

6. Empty
Viruses are also created using Visual Basic and had a folder icon has a size of about 110,592 bytes, without being compressed. There are so many changes that he made in Windows, such as Registry, File System, and so forth, which can even cause Windows can not be used as it should be. On computers that are infected by this virus, when starting Windows will display a message from the creator of the virus.

7. Raider.vbs
This VBScript virus type size 10,000 bytes, if the virus file opened with Notepad for example, so many strings that can be read because the encrypted condition. In the Registry, he gives recognition to create a new key in HKLM \ Software with the same name as the name of the computer name, the contents of a string value such as a virus, Raider, and the date of the first computer infected.

8. ForrisWaitme
Viruses are created with Visual Basic using the standard Windows folder icon similar to disguises. Some of his behavior is exchanged with the left mouse button function right, removes the Folder Options menu, create a message "read saya.txt" the drive is infected, and there were others.

9. Pray
Local virus was created using Visual Basic. We found 2 variants of this virus, for Pray.A variant does not have an icon, while for variant Pray.B use like Windows Explorer icon. If the computer is infected by this virus, while at the computer show at 05:15, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30, or 19:45, the virus displays a message reminding the user to perform the prayer.

10. Rian.vbs
VBScript virus has a size of 3788 bytes. When infected, it will create a new file autorun.inf and RiaN.dll.vbs at the root of each drive is installed on the victim's computer, including Flash Disk. Computers infected by this virus, the caption of Internet Explorer will be changed to "Rian P2 Cantiq PR".

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