Thursday, September 13, 2012


Creative basically no batasanya. If you are still confused, there are several areas that are thick with young kekreativitas. Whether in this field you can do it or not at least you motivated and inspired because there are many creative things you can do than nonkrong unclear.

1. Fashion
Fashion is no stranger to you. Till even now still flourishing young distro.bisnis clothes still growing. This business can be fairly cheap. Relative capital, the most important natural creativity design a cool, cool, original and not less important is the jersey material and sablonannya good and proper way of marketing. It is not hard for you to be a successful entrepreneur distro.

2. Music
Music is one of the entertainment that will not lose fans. Music business so many choices and spesifikannya. As bikiin band with friends, make a song and sell it, etc.. When to start dimuali better than anything yangmudah, the band created. But the emotion in mind, too, after the band formed, and had a gig in many places even been able to make his own album, it remains compact, because the band is not made up of just one person. Do not make the band simply as an opportunity to showcase talent. After receiving the money then dissipated without limit. So kuasilah down and set your band and your band step that side job in order to be positive.

3. Handicraft
The field on this one do not measure age. Young parents can do this business. Thankful lived in Indonesia's rich culture. Handiraft nuances of local culture and crafts market tersenridi that Indonesia had the tourists / travelers who come (local / outside) or possibly a variety of crafts from paper, plastic or recycled materials you can also make. There are many books and articles the internet that you can make references ingredient in the making, the most important thing you should be painstaking and patient in doing so.

4. Media
The media is not just a TV station, newspaper companies, and the like. Media can be like the internet or a web design that can take advantage of expertise. You who like to write can also make a zine. Yangterpinting once again is painstaking, and never get tired of an alive and kicking.

5. Dokomentasi and Artistic
Photography and video is being a trend, but do not dijadiin trends alone but try to utilize their expertise and learn to work your hobby. Armed with the ability that you have added if you cooperate with friends to eat you will have a lot more job opportunities and not too heavy.

6. IT
Computer users in Indonesia is growing. Because it should not just be a user, but is also able to utilize it well. Whether to fix kompie, create software or game interatif. In this field bervariasa much to do and her creativity is not limited by capital alone.

Here's a tip for you to start a business may be useful. God bless you.

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