Thursday, September 13, 2012


Self-confidence is very important, without confidence you do not succeed activity to the fullest, as an artist, if you want to be an artist but do not have the confidence, the guarantee will not appear on television, because the follow-up auditions just scared to death, do not dare close asinggak can talk with people when introduced to someone new, now it's a sign-tandagejala crisis of confidence that will surely disrupt the movements and steps you ..
No amount of goals, desires and expectations but no memwujudkan confidence, you will not be able memwujudkannya. There are also people who do not have any idea at all but had a high confidence could be someone famous and successful. While you do not have self-confidence can only berkahyal only.
Want to know the recipe added confidence? Here's a recipe that can help you add confidence.
The meaning is when you try to have a plan do not wait for the comments of others whether it be good or bad comments, keep trying to execute your plan was. If you always wait for someone else the same judgment you lack confidence, and make you tired menggu comments people, you better do what you believe. Try yourself, hasilnyakan just for you alone, has not it?

Immediately do
Do not wait for everything perfect. Do not delay your plans, regardless of the outcome only God knows, you might just work and effort. Many ideas on everyone's mind but little is embodied in the life and useful, and that's because the idea was not directly realized in life and just let sit. So do not be afraid to wrong and wrong. In this world there is no a human being who is always right forever. Prophet alone could mistakenly let alone our usual. Do not find excuses to cover distrust me. There is a proverb saying "do even better one, than it does not want to do" no success that never fails, so would not be right if it is never wrong, and never know what to be improved if they never do anything .

Find other potential alternative
Maybe you are physically weak, and the ambition to become an athlete you can not make happen, then find another profession, another field that suits your abilities and hone your brain power, and maybe you could be more famous than being an athlete.
If a physical or a mediocre brain until it's not bothering you hone your skills and lose self-esteem. So, keep looking for the other side of you that you can rely on and make you more confident.

Accept yourself for what it is
God created humans vary with their uniqueness, whether it's body, intellect, height, etc.. Do not let the lack in you to be the reason for you to develop the potential in you, and make you lose confidence, because it could be what you think it is weakness that's an advantage in the eyes of others.
Accept yourself for what it is because then you have the confidence yangtinggi and you can develop your potential and even you become a successful person.

The most important of all is you have to pecya fully to God, full of faith in God will not make your condition meyesali now. Faith can change bitter into sweet something more than the sweetness of honey, because it is a believer, you should be able to accept your situation for what it is, do not look for excuses to cover up mistakes and lack of trust dirianmu.
Hopefully these tips can improve and help you to be more confident in your future life and stare ... good luck, and good luck ...

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