Thursday, September 13, 2012


In schools and universities not only the origin of the bandwagon, jaim, provocation and intimidation friends, but you do not want. Be careful and beware and research Turn away before the extent of the condition of the school or university you are going to enter it later. Here are tips on choosing a school or university.

1. Choose a school or university that's good.
Good is not fixated on fasilitanya, but also aspects of quality. Because many schools or universities which have full facilities but less quality. Be careful not to be fooled and deceived you, and make you sorry.

2. Avoid choosing a school or solicitation PerguTinggi friends.
Do not be persuaded friends around you who want to get into a particular school or college, because you might get caught and sorry for school or university is not as you wish.

3. Choose a school or university seed.
School or college you have to enter must be superior, although a bit expensive than others, but the quality is not going to harm you. The problem was not able to penetrate the tight competition.

4. Select the school or university that is closest to your residence.
Most oarng not want the school or college at an institution close to home, because I wanted a new look for a good atmosphere, but it's not necessarily a school or college away from home in a better condition, even financially pengeluarnanya it would be bigger. Unless you go to school or college near where you live is not good in terms of quality, quantity and fasilitannya, you may be school or college lain.jadi cermatlah in schools or colleges.

5. Choose a school or university in accordance with the ability of parents wallets.
Remember, before choosing a school or college and lists, see your family economic conditions, could orant that your parents pay for your college? Should not impose his will and eventually you will be forced out because they can not pay for school or college ...
That's the tips that can be distributed for you in choosing a school or college. Se3moga can help you .. good luck

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