Thursday, September 13, 2012


Whole person would want to always smooth, and succeed in the exam, here are tips for exams ...
1. Calm down and clear your mind in advance of any problems before starting the study.

2. Smart in dividing your study time.

3. Eluangkan time for a break to relax the nerves re-used for a long time learning concentration.

4. Do not direct learning activities after the completion of a test, so terhidar from anxiety from previous exams.

5. Make the points in the book would you memorize that simplify the process of learning and memorizing.

6. If you had difficulties memorizing the material then memorize the material before going to bed, because you read meteri will biodegrade when you sleep, the brain because the bed was much clearer than the awake brain. And when you wake up you will get the solution of a difficult lesson outlines.

7. Enough sleep, do not stay up at night because the exam will make you weak in time the exam room.

8. Before leaving the exam, fill the stomach with breakfast as the material energy to think.

9. Avoid fatty foods and do not fill your stomach too full of food, avoid coffee and tea.

10. Brangkat as early as possible to the test and do not read the book shortly before entering the examination hall because will mess up your mind.

11. Say a prayer for a moment accept the den exam paper before doing the exam, because that will give you peace Pray you, and God will guide you in doing the test.

12. Put your watch in front of you and divide the time to answer the exam questions.

13. Begin answering the easy questions first because it will take you more relaxed and confident.

14. Do not worry about your friends. Concentrate your mind on matter and jawaban.dengan so you will be more focused.

15. Do not be disturbed if your friend has submitted a paper before you answer, because most of them are worth less, and not necessarily benar.gunakan you time to think and answer the questions.

16. If you are worried, then pray again, close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold it a few seconds and then remove it slowly.

That tips the exam may bermanfaat.selamat try and good luck 

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