Sunday, August 12, 2012


Using blush (blush on) the right will add value to our appearance, use of the blusher otherwise inappropriate will lower the value of our penampilah. Use of the blusher for every person is different, depending on skin color and face shape. Here are practical tips for your use of the blusher, based on skin color and shape of your face:

1. Brown skin. For brown skin, choose a blush contains orange or terracotta. Avoid colors like pink or reddish shades

2. Sweet Black. For dark skin, choose warm colors such as blush peach. Pulaskan containing shimmer blush to get a fresh glow and shine

3. Oval shaped face. Pulaskan blusher on the cheekbones bulge to get a fresh hue. For the evening event, pulaskan little blush on the bridge of the nose

4. Square-shaped faces. To disguise the strong square shape, pulaskan blush with a brighter color on the bony cheeks, then brush up into the cheeks to the temples

5. Round shaped face. Pulaskan blush at the top of the cheeks and blend. Next, pulaskan darker blush warnany just below the cheek bone to the jaw, and blend to make it look natural

6. Oval shaped face. To create the illusion of a wider face, protrusions pulaskan blush from the cheek bone to the temples to near the ear. Pulaskan too thin in the middle of the forehead and chin lines

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