Sunday, August 12, 2012


A FEW years back of mobile phone users worldwide is increasing. Amounted to nearly 5 billion consumers and is believed to continue to increase along with technological developments, the need for communication as well as a vigorous campaign carried out the mobile phone manufacturers worldwide.
But you should notice a few things below before deciding to use a mobile phone:
launch there are 10 things to consider for mobile users.

  1. Keep the handset at least 2 to 7 inches from your head or use a loudspeaker (speaker). This reduces the transmission of electromagnetic radiation to the brain significantly.
  2. Do not keep the phone close to your head when sleeping. Turn off your cell phone at night or stay on 1.80 meters or 6 feet from your head.
  3. If the phone still in your pocket hold letakaan position on your mobile phone downwardly so that the antenna away from you.
  4. Do not use mobile phones when pregnant. Developing organs of the fetus or child are the most sensitive to the effects that may arise from exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  5. Avoid the use of mobile phones in the 'metal objects' such as vehicles, elevators, Aircraft, Railways and other types of metal containers such as improving the EMR.
  6. Avoid using the wired headset. With a headset you normally get 3 times more EMR than if you hold the phone directly
  7. Children under 15 are advised not to use the phone as it can increase the child is exposed to tumor otak.Saat brain tumors are the second leading cause of death in children.
  8. Keep your cell phone from a newborn baby. EMR journey through children's brains are much easier because of the thin skull and increase the risk of cancer.
  9. Avoid placing the phone in your pocket - because of the radiation that arises can affect your fertility.
  10. When buying a cell phone - look for phones with low SAR or Specific Absorption Rate. The lower the SAR will be more safe use.

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