Sunday, August 12, 2012


How to Fix Can not read the stick in Computers. This time I will give Flasdisk Tricks Regarding How to Fix a stick that is about The Computer Can not read on. This trick is actually a request from my friend who experienced the same problem, so I wanted to share it with you all. Have you experienced while to pick up important data on your office computer or cafe through Flasdisk and when you open Explorer Flasdisk is not detected.,.,.,.?
 Signs that you are not detectable Flasdisk usually do not usually marked by the emergence of an icon "removable hardware" in the system tray (bottom right corner of the taskbar). There was also the kind of flash that sign icon appears flasdisknya but when clicked it says format error message flash and various others.
 Another sign is the absence of signs of Universal Serial Bus drive in a short USB flash disk in Windows Explorer. This problem is quite often found on computers that use the system resources (especially RAM) is high enough to detect the presence of new devices to be disturbed.

Therefore the way to fix it is by way Flasdisk:
1. Before you make sure that the usb flasdisk damaged,
 try on another computer first. There are times when that is not damaged usb flash, usb drive in the computer yet.

2. System hardware conflict. 
Sometimes the damage due to conflicts on a computer system so the computer can not detect the presence of the flash. This is indicated by the flash is detected but does not read on a computer. How to fix it is to plug the usb into the computer and restartlah flasdisk computer. If after restarting the computer, usb flash still unreadable. Go to the Control Panel and uninstall the usb drive. My Computer -> Control Panel -> System After System is open, on the hardware tab, click device manager and looking writing Universal Serial Bus Controller. Find the hardware is marked yellow. If there is a hardware-click it and click uninstall then restart the computer / laptop.

3. If the above has been done, but it is still not well flasdisk can be read.
 Then most likely is a hardware malfunction. (Due to the disconnect often without confirmation directly via PC)

4. Other types of damage each time the USB is clicked,
the flash format text arises. If these occur, then the way is to click format to format the flash.

5. If all of the above still can not stick to Fix Computer That Can not read in, 
then you have to do is GLUE IN BLUE (last Throwing Buy New reply). He he he

So first New Tricks Tips on How to Fix a Computer That Can not read flash on computer. This trick may be useful for you

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