Friday, August 31, 2012


In addition to the mall and other major shopping centers in Indonesia, flea markets that sell a range of second-hand goods are also attacked the crowded. Uniquely, the flea market is spread across regions in Indonesia, such as 5 the following markets:

Here are the 5 most crowded flea market in Indonesia:

1. Market Triwindu, Solo
If you are looking for a variety of antiques with high artistic value, Triwindu Market on Jl Diponegoro, Solo, Central Java is the place. Imagine, two-storey market is filled with a variety of antiques in every aisle.
Do not believe? Then just go to the first floor. There, you can find a variety of home furnishings, accessories, ceramics, ancient money, to antique bicycles. Up one floor to the second floor, you can find many shops that sell spare parts of motor vehicles that are rare.
One thing that makes Triwindu crowded market buyers, in addition to the completeness of belongings is because the price offered is quite affordable. In fact, this price can be lowered when you bid.

2. Croton Garden Market, Jakarta
Other markets also provide a variety of quality goods is a flea market in the park Puring Mayestik, South Jakarta. The market is divided into two floors, with hundreds of stalls that meet each part.
Croton Park visitor market is dominated by men. Why not, most stores that exist in this market sells a variety of parts of vehicles and also sports equipment, there is the former, there is also a new bebarapa. However, the market is dominated by Croton Garden shoes.
There are hundreds of stalls ranging from men's shoes leather shoes, mountaineering shoes, futsal shoes, to shoes typical youth slang. Various brands ranging from Adidas, Nike, Vans, to Converse available in various models and colors, of course at an affordable price!

3. Pasar Senen, Jakarta
Not only Puring Garden Market, another flea market items are also in Jakarta is Senen market in Central Jakarta. This market has been for many years a center of used clothes shopping. Ranging from jackets, pants, watches, sunglasses, shoes, sandals up pretty curtains here.
Absolutely, although known as Pasar Senen market thrift, but the majority still has a good quality. You just need to match the size and select items as you wish.
The most interesting is the price offered is very skewed. For women and men's shirts are available from only Rp 5000-25000. Because of the cheapness, with enough to pay Rp 5,000, you can already get 3 pieces of shirts. Cheap? Of course.

4. Gedebage Market, London
Not to be outdone by Jakarta, Bandung city mode as it also has a flea market, Market Gedebage name. Just like Pasar Senen, Gedebage Market is also known as a center of quality used clothing sale.
The roads to Gedebage, you can see a variety of items such as jackets, T-shirts, shirts, and various second-hand children's clothing, but quality supercheap prices. Unmitigated, the price can be offered up to 70% cheaper than the original price.
Cheap prices offered to make everyone who comes with empty hands, guaranteed to go home with a bag of groceries. There is one thing that should not be overlooked when shopping at this Gedebage market, the bid. The more clever you bid, the more cheaply priced goods obtained.

5. Cihapit Market, London
One more cheap flea market in Bandung, which Cihapit Market. Naming the market is tailored to the location of the market is in Jl Cihapit.
In a way, this is the oldest flea market in Singapore. Evidently, the market is still holding since 1945, covering the Cihapit Road, North to the road Cibeunying Bengawan.
If it can be classified according to gender, this market includes men's market craze. Imagine, goods sold in the market is dominated by Cihapit audio secondhand cars and auto parts. Goods are mostly hunted by men.

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