Sunday, August 12, 2012


The camera is a device that requires special handling in terms of treatment. The camera is not maintained it will result in no maximum image quality (image) is generated. The following are practical tips in caring for the camera:

1. When not in use - in a long time - put the camera in a special storage area. Avoid putting the camera in the cupboard clothes with mothballs and deodorizers other clothing.

2. If not yet have specific storage areas, you can use a jar or other transparent areas which allow the entry of light from outside. This will prevent the camera from moisture (density) is excessive.

3. To further secure your camera from the 'threat' of moisture and mildew lens pad, you can add the silica gel - can be obtained in iron stores.

4. Avoid the camera from direct sunlight stings, as this may damage some components of the camera, especially those made of plastic or rubber.

5. Use the special bag to menghidarkan camera from shocks and collisions that may damage the camera. If not memungkinka, you can use Backpack (backpack) - which usually has some protective sponge on the inside.

6. Periodically clean the lens using a special tissue and do not use any fabric.

7. Use penium (blower) to remove dust on the components inside the camera.

8. On the type of digital camera, loose lithium batteries if you do not longer use. This will 
extend the life of your lithium battery.

9. For this type of digital camera that uses a screen display (LCD) on the back, mount guard for menghidarkan screen display screen from scratches.

10. For this type of DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflect), mount the filter on the front of your camera lens, at least a UV filter (ultra-violet) so that the camera lens is not 'dropped' from the dust and dirt, which resulted in no decline in quality of images taken .

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