Friday, November 23, 2012


Registering or blog in google webmaster verification is a semi-refinement phase will be undertaken after adding or add url to google. The purpose registers to google webmaster tools is to verify / verify ownership signifies your own blog with a specific code. Verification code the most common in use on blogspot usually html meta tag code. Meta tags that will be used as a marker of ownership in your blog to crawl and index the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), so if your blog listed on google webmaster tools is more likely to appear on the search results page. Many useful features that you can use from the webmaster tools page, but I will not explain it here, because later on after you have registered in google webmaster tools you'll find out himself.The following are the steps to register and verify your blog in google webmaster tools:

  1. Log in to google webmaster tools
  2. Enter the url of your blog: http:// example: then click Add a site
  3. Verify your site then click on the "choose verification method" select "Add a meta tag", it will display the html meta tag code for your blog
  4. Copy the meta tag that appears earlier and place it on your blog template. How: log into with your account -> Select Dashboard -> Design -> Edit html Check Expand widget templates -> Paste google webmaster meta tag right after the code was <head> -> Save Template
  5. Back to google webmaster tools page, click Verify to succes message.

Current account and your blog has been successfully registered and verification ter in google webmaster tools.The next stage is the consummation acces google crawling across your blog page to make it easier, google sitemap blog requires you to know automatically when any new updates on your blog. For that you need to submit your sitemap to google webmaster tools.

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