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If you want to get a blog from google pagerank i will give little tips based on my experience and analysis, which you can read below.

1. Do not copy and paste articles from other blogs. (Though I'm A BLOGGER COPAST)
The most important and you have to do is make a post that is natural, that is not plagiarism or copy and paste from another blog. If you want to copy and paste articles from other people's blogs, Include a link into a blog post that you Copas. Google is more appreciative way, and this is also the code of ethics of a writer or blogger. Just like you, when writing your work in Copas by others that do not include the article source link, you do not like it?

2. Diligent post updates
I really appreciate the blog post especially diligent in updating your post is purely from your thinking and it takes people a lot. If you always update status on facebook diligent, why not to bog you, that's the question I often ask to myself, so that every time a new idea comes to my mind, I will post them to this blog Copast Blogger. However, if you can not post updates once every day, because you are busy at work, updatelah at least 1 post within 3 days.

3. Link Building
According to experts seo link building is the process in which you build inbound links or links to your blog. The popularity of a blog can also be determined by the number of inbound links. By doing link building it, your blog will get high traffic to your blog anda.Sehingga blog will speedily gaining popularity and present a higher Google PageRank. There is the easiest way that I commend you for that link building is Berkomentarlah on dofollow blogs with good ethics, it means do not do spam can be detrimental to your blog to get a pagerank from google. In addition to commenting on blogs dofollow, you should also mensumbit your blog to directories and social bookmar dofollow. While this is easy, but you should have plenty of time to do it, because you have to find one by one dofollow blogs or social bookmarking doffollow and it is very boring. I have an efficient way for this, based on my research in the last few days of the web / blog of the master blogger Indonesia, why their blog is flooded with a lot of backlinks. Actually this is my secret way, but not for those who have become friends Copast Blogger. Want to know how? please you can read a lot of backlinks easily.

4. Promote your blog and post
Just as we sell, if we do not have a blog visitor also has no meaning. For that promote their blog and blog posts. Whether it's social kemedia like facebook, twitter, DJ, and others. Usually when I used to facebook and to social bookmarking dofollow.

5. Maximize internal link
What is internal link? Internal links are links that are contained within that post in these blogs. To maximize internal link you can do this by posting techniques glow. It is also beneficial to mengefesienkan page so that visitors to your blog post unsaturated read the article in the blog because it was too long. As I have made in the post and the blogger template structure.

6. Maximizing and mengefesienkan blog page
Often we blogwalking to neighbor blogs that have good and interesting blogger template but have no pagerank. While ordinary structured templates even thinking about high pagerank. I often see the events as such, so I can draw the conclusion that "not since the template that affects the pagerank of a blog, but how to maximize the blog and the blog page mengefesienkan".

7. Sumbit your blog to google webmaster tools (read: How to register your blog to google)
Actually mensumbit blog to google webmaster tools not affect pagerank, google yourself as already explained you can read it here. But the way we do that easily google indexing every post that you publish, and thus your post can be read by people who find it, what you are posting on the main pages in google. Thus the number of visitors to your blog continues to increase, and with the increasing number of visitors to the blog, the popularity of blogs has also increased, and this is according to my logic analyzer.

8. Perform engineering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) suggested google.
There is no better way especially seo techniques, in addition to those suggested by google. You can read more lenkapnya directly as described by google by clicking the link "here" in points to 7.

Actually there are many more factors that blog get pagerank from google, but an explanation of what I said above is the most important factor and it is according to what I experienced. I'm not going To publish this post if I myself have to get pagerank from google, because they as well as I do that if I deploy a public lie and a sin hehehe .. thoughts are also to sin, yeah yeah I still was a godless.

There is one more information I experienced after getting a google pagerank of this is, not only google pagerank on the home page / front page only, but also google pagerank of the blog post. Usually google pagerank on blog posts provide the most visited or more often we hear popular post. If this Copast Blogger blog pages often can not get a visit despite Google Pagerank of them are:

  • How to Submit and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to Create a Scrollbar Model Blogroll
  • Creating Contents Based Automatic Label That We Define Yourself
  • How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to Get Backlink from Google - Google Backlink Tips
  • Indonesia Web Directory - Free Web Directory
  • Add A Reply Option To Blogger Blogspot Comments
  • Blogspot Title Optimization - Creating SEO Friendly Blog Titles
  • Auto Highlight Author Comments in Blogger Blogspot Posts
  • How to Create Breadcrumb - Install Breadcrumb Navigation Blogspot

Actually there are more, but lazy ah traced one complicated, imagine if traced from the many articles that I post the tired, only to find out pagerank, ah do not work hehe. And there are also pages n / a and pagerank 0. It seems long already huh? and you also already bored reading this post, for that I end up here. And need I remind you bahwah konsistenkanlah your intention to blogging, if your intention is just to get google pagerank from, or share knowledge that you know or for business. It also should you question yourself. Okay dah I say Happy Blogging :)

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