Monday, September 3, 2012


Conflict with colleagues in the office can happen to anyone. Usually caused by competition among co-workers, differences of opinion and communication that are not running smoothly.

Better not let the conflict was allowed to drag on. Unresolved conflicts will have a negative impact such as loss of morale, raises high emotions will even formation of gap between co-workers.

Here's a solution to resolve the conflict in the office, as quoted from eHow.

1. Dealing with co-workers who have problems with you is not easy. Try to be professional while friendly and quiet. When conflict occurs very draining thoughts, invite your colleagues to talk to straighten the problem.

2. When talking with a co-worker who has a problem with you, the conversation focused on the problem. Remember, that you had spoken to him because he wanted to avoid a fight a bigger, so avoid threatening attitude.

3. Create a relaxed atmosphere in the talks. Be careful to facial expressions and tone of voice can change the atmosphere of the talks. It can worsen mood.

4. Listen descriptions carefully to avoid misunderstanding. That way, it will deliver all of what the problem with you without being covered. Make sure you also understand his position.

5. Give a polite response to the sentence, and without emotion. Act as if you accept what he has to say without you feel guilty and weak, for example, you can say, "I understand how you feel, I also feel like it .."

6. After each party has put forward what they want, find a deal until the achievement of common goals.

7. If your co-workers is difficult to discuss, you should talk with your boss. This is necessary so that your boss can help resolve the problem.

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