Friday, September 14, 2012


I. deed
· Lack of caution, mistakes, mischief, ruin the atmosphere, tripping, speaking carelessly, or make a mistake.

II. shame
· The face becomes red, crying, covering her face with a hand, pulling away or running, and you are sure that people will remember all your life guilt.

III.Menyangkal or underestimate
· Denying mistakes that have been made and threw it on others, deciding on guilt applies indifference, but in your heart of hearts are not visible to others still view

IV. Laughter
· Laughter is terbiasadilakukan everyone after making mistakes and it all depends on the size of the error, and you can overcome the error "minor breach" of the week, for a grave error, you may need more time to smile. When tertawapun You can not downplay the significance of a fault but just a step in the healing process.

V. Penerimaan
· Even if you say "I'm only human" and you admit it. You know make a mistake, whether it's large or small, and you know kesaslahan it is part of life ...

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