Friday, September 14, 2012


1. Be the ordinary for a day. Let me messy, incomplete, imperfect, then    celebrate your success.

2. Involve yourself in activities that do not produce and is not assessed, these activities focused on process rather than outcomes.

3. Take the risk. Ventured to engage in a well-known challenging subjects started talking to people who do not, change your morning routine and start the day without a plan.

4. Allow yourself to make at least three errors.

5. Stop memaiak word "should" when talking to yourself and kara "I should be" in the  conversation.

6. Tell a weakness to a friend. Realize that friends will not be less appreciate you after knowing your weakness.

7. Recognize if you want even expectations do not match reality.

8. Be thankful for your success in the past.

9. Enlist the help of friends to "cure" prefeksionismemu.

10. Mix. When myself able to accept the imperfections of yourself and others and to feel as a part of life, you will not feel lonely.

If you need more help to menhilangkan prefeksionismemu it, talk to a psychiatrist, counselor, or social worker who helps your situation for the better.Good luck

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