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Semarang be a complete destination for the traveler. There is beautiful nature, museums, historical buildings to. If you want to spend a weekend in Semarang. 5 This place can be your destination. Let's note!
Semarang is an attractive destination on the island of Java. Capital of Central Java province holds many interesting places. Not surprisingly, many a traveler's visit and enjoy the city's Lumpia. Here are 5 fun place to spend the weekend in Semarang:

1. Tracing Lawang Sewu
Lawang Sewu be a place that you must go now travel to Semarang. Magnificent and historic building is also a paradise for photographers. Located in the Simpang Lima, the place is very famous.
More than a century old, Lawang Sewu save a lot of history. Originally this building was the headquarters of the Dutch as a rail, and then used as a prison at the time of the Japanese occupation. Architecture Lawang Sewu pristine and manicured. There are many great doors and large windows in every corner of the building.
There are also stained glass Dutch colonial heritage. Glass describes a symbol of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Dutch NIS symbol. In addition, there is also the famous dungeon with things mystical. Sewu Lawang also be an attraction for tourists and photographers. Behind the European-style buildings, many historic stories in the building.

2. Adrenaline in Bannerman Sidomukti
Want Enjoy nature, swimming, outbound, as well as stay in the tent? Just come to Bannerman Sidomukti. Located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, the cool air will accompany your activities.
You can stimulate adrenaline in this place. Bannerman Sidomukti have many exciting activities, such as rides ATV racing, hurdles crossed, swinging on the flying fox and rope bridge balance test. Exciting!
Satisfied play, you can relax in the swimming pool which was very cold and filled with springs. Landscape of green forest department of delight when you swim in his pool. For those of you who are interested to enjoy a night in the wild, Sidomukti Bannerman also has a camping ground. Tourist attractions are complete!

3. Playing water in Curug 7 Angels
For those of you who want to enjoy the roar of the waterfalls and cold, just come to Curug 7 Angels. The waterfall is located in the village of Keseneng, District Sumowono, Semarang regency. Unique natural environment also can enjoy here.
7 Angel waterfall fountain has 3 levels. Shower highest is about 10 meters. The water is then free fall and set up two more levels below. The water is so clear and fresh. This area also diteduhkan with the trees and the scenery of rice field.
For those of you who want to camp, Curug 7 Angels provide camping ground. What campground is quite spacious and has a sloping ground. Cool waterfalls and virgin nature that you'll find here. Please play as much water.

4. Seeing a unique record in a record-Indonesian World Record Museum
Indonesian World Record Museum is located at Jl Pioneers of Independence and was in an industrial area Jamu Jago Semarang. Museum holds a record-record set by the people of Indonesia. Curious?
There are many records were recorded by MURI. Starting from the longest objects, people with bachelor degrees ever, to batik with thousands of people simultaneously. In addition, there are many other record-record of interest in this museum.
This was the main attraction for tourists. You can see the record-record and may be inspired to create a new record. Who knows?

5. Shopping spring rolls and wingko in Simpang Lima
Less complete it if traveled hand shop. When traveling to Hyderabad, do not forget to shop at Simpang Lima area. There are plenty of souvenirs that you can buy for the family at home.
Simpang Lima is a meeting of five major roads in the city of Semarang, the road warrior, Pandanaran Road, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Ahmad Dahlan. A wide range of souvenirs that you can buy are banding presto, spring rolls, tofu dreadlocks, wingko tripe with a variety of flavors, such as durian flavor, chocolate flavor, taste jackfruit, and more. You can find souvenirs are on the Road Pandanaran.
Price of souvenirs at this very affordable. Not just shopping, you can also direct the tasting lumpia Semarang is famous for its delicious. Add chilli and sour pickles, then it seems you will never forget. Yum!

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