Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For those of you who have experienced a computer virus, must have known what it was like. Panic, stress, and often do silly things beyond logic. Moreover, if the data stored on computers that have not been backed up. Wow, definitely stressful.
"Panic aware that your computer after a virus attack is common, but often make the situation worse," said Lance James, director of intelligence Vigiliant, a security company based in Jersey City.

Actually the easiest step to do if your computer is infected with the virus by contacting parties familiar with information technology. If in the office, we can ask for help to the information technology department. How about at home?

"We just found out after a computer virus antivirus software to identify it. If the antivirus uterus it is updated, it can get rid of the virus, "explains James. The problem is, not all users are diligent do antivirus updates. If you are already infected, and the antivirus can not handle, so the total compromised computer systems work, it is time to bring computers to people who are experts.

The fact is not as simple as that. Many users are panicked when told his computer got a virus, so do things that would further aggravate the situation. For example, try pressing the "Escape", "Control ALT Del", restrart computer multiple times, and so forth.

Mike Geide, senior security experts from Zscaler ThreatLabZ gives 5 steps can we do now know the computer is infected with virus:
  1. Immediately update your antivirus software. Run in detail, and do a thorough scan on the computer.
  2. Do your research online, to find out who knows there are steps that can be taken so as not to aggravate the situation. Usually every antivirus vendor gave instructions on how to remove computer infection.
  3. Immediately disconnect the internet connection on the computer that is infected. Malware typically operate based on the on the internet. With the disconnect from the internet, means to minimize their performance. Never turn off or reboot a computer that is infected. Just leave it in sleep mode.
  4. Back up all data by using a DVD or other media. Do not duplicate data to other online systems, because they can spread the malware to other computers.
  5. Lakukan re-buid on the infected computer to reinstall all programs, files, and other data that have not been infected. This step is quite important, because malware can create a backdoor on our computer systems.

If you still do not feel confident with the steps we've done, you should immediately contact the computer security experts, in order to prevent worsening of the situation. But the 5 steps above at least enough to help in emergencies, rather than panicking.

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