Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Working long hours at the computer, until your eyes feel sore? In the medical world, it is referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome. This syndrome is caused by a combination of monitor light, glare levels, and we looked at the length of the screen. Usually we take a short break, distract or shut his eyes to mute it.

There are 5 ways you can do to prevent eye tortured by working long hours at the computer:

1. Balance the monitor position
Monitor with a balanced position, not tilted, not too close or far away, will help the comfort of our eyes. Monitor the distance to the eye should be about 20-30 inches. High monitors are also ideally equal to the eye, so we do not have to head down or up.

2. Limit light
The lighting is too much or excessive sunlight triggers eyestrain. Reduce the light around you, set it so that no direct light to highlight a computer monitor, because the reflections make the eyes glare.

3. Use the 20-20-20 rule
Every 20 minutes, find the object dengaj sight distance of 20 feet, and look for 20 seconds. This trick can train our eyes so as not to monitor beam were exposed for too long. Can also activate an automatic reminder that our eyes for a moment break every 20 minutes of staring at a monitor. On Windows there BreakTaker program, no program on the Mac Time Out.

4. Gunnar wear glasses
Artificial light and natural light that reflects off the computer monitor to eye stress. Try pakau Gunnar glasses, special glasses that is commonly used by addicts games. Kacanama is capable of cooling the resulting light monitor. This tool can also zoom the display, making it easier for us to read the text. But this is only true for those who do not wear regular glasses.

5. Set the table
Too many things on your desk also makes the location of the keyboard and monitor do not match expectations. Set so that no blocking objects between your keyboard and computer monitor, so that visibility is more ideal for the eye.

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