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Apple has experienced periods of nearly bankrupt. At that time in the 1990's, Apple products fail in the market and its stock price fell dramatically. They were defeated from the rival, Microsoft.

Apple products like the Newton PDA does not attract the attention of the market. CEO Gil Amelio was sacked after Apple's financial position continues to lose money. On July 1997, Steve Jobs re-appointed as CEO of Apple.

The return of the founders of Apple in the end not only to save Apple, but it makes the company become one of the most valuable in the world today. Consider the interesting story of the late Steve Jobs to Apple's savior;
1997 - Partnering with the 'enemy', Microsoft
Jobs are waiting for a heavy duty when he returned to lead Apple in July 1997. One of the first decisions was to stop the Newton gadget projects that cost the company approximately $ 100 million, although Newton is true gadgets that era.

Jobs then approached Microsoft, a company that actually is a big enemy of Apple. At Macworld Expo 1997 event, Steve Jobs Bill Gates appeared together to announce the 5-year contract.

Corresponding contract, Microsoft will release a new update Microsoft Office on Mac and would invest in Apple. In his speech, Jobs remains confident in the ability of Apple.

"If we want to move forward and see Apple healthy and prospering again, we must give up some things. We must abandon the idea that Apple should win and Microsoft have to lose," he said in his speech.

"So, the era of competition between Apple and Microsoft in my opinion is complete. This is to make Apple back to health, to make Apple a major contribution to the industry," he added

1998: Introducing the iMac
Steve Jobs continues to struggle. He knows that Apple needs a good product to change his luck. In 1998, a computer product called the Apple iMac was introduced.

This product has a unique design of Jonathan Ive's design that is currently the head of Apple design. The iMac was a huge success and sold 800 thousand units in the five months of marketing.

In that year, Apple has also acquired the Macromedia product Final Cut. And finally for the first time since 1995, Apple returned a profit. They posted a profit EUR 309 million.

Jobs are the key decision for Apple to redesign the product so sexy and attractive in the eyes of consumers. "Do you know what's wrong with this company? The product is bad, there is no element of sexy," Jobs said in an internal meeting.

1999: Apple's stock price soaring
Apple's continued good performance under the command of Steve Jobs. In 1999, Apple posted a record of business performance is better than ever.

Apple product sales grew 3.2% and profits of USD 601 million, an increase of 94% than the previous year. Apple's stock price also jumped to $ 99.

In this year, Apple expanded to not just sell computers. They also released a Final Cut Pro software.

2000: Steve Jobs becomes permanent CEO
Apple announced a new strategy at MacWorld Expo 2000. They reveal the presence of iTools, Internet applications for the Mac as well as ISP Eartlink that they recommend.

Thanks to the success of Apple back on track success, Steve Jobs finally appointed as a permanent CEO. Unfortunately this year, Jobs introduced a product called G4 Cube that led to the failure in the market.

"The Cube is the answer for those who want the Apple iMac without a monitor, as well as challenges for the computer industry to minimize the size of computers and improve their physical attractiveness. The Cube is the biggest gamble since the launch of the iMac Jobs. Product is ultimately fail," written in Apple History.

failure to make the Apple G4 Cube is not much posted a profit that year. Apple PowerMac was forced to slash prices to improve its finances.

2001: Introduces iPod and iTunes
On May 15, 2001, Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Store retail store first and then visited by millions of people. Several months later, Jobs introduced the product that became big hits, the iPod.

In that year, also introduced iTunes to download songs that changed the music industry. iTunes is not only beneficial for Apple, but it is also the music label and contribute to the fight against piracy.

"Current music subscription service will fail. People do not want to buy music like that. They want to buy a music download. People want to own his own music. You do not want to rent music and one day when you stop paying, your music is lost," said Jobs at the time.

2002: Business loss
This year, Steve Jobs appeared on the cover of the prestigious Time magazine. The magazine is reporting the presence of the iMac product unique design, where the monitor can be moved.

Also this year, Apple also released the Xserve 1U server named. This is Apple's first attempt to enter the enterprise market with more affordable prices.

However, in the year that Apple was not very good business because of unfavorable economic situation and weak sales of PowerBooks and PowerMacs. They had announced a loss of USD 45 million.

2003: The iTunes Music Store launched
PowerBook first generation was launched in 2003. This device is the first Apple computer that uses material from the aluminum exterior.

This year, the third generation iPod was introduced with a dock connector on the bottom. On the same day introduction iPod, and iLife products iTunes Music Store were also announced.

iTunes Music Store is an instant success and sold one million music in its first week alone. In that year, Apple is also opening its first store in Japan.

2004 onwards: Apple meraksasa
In the following years, lunge Steve Jobs and Apple are not unstoppable. In 2004, 70% of the market leading iTunes music download legal. More than 100 million songs were downloaded until July 2004. Apple released the iPod Mini which also became hits.

In 2005, their success was continued with the presence of the iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini. IPod sales were exploding in the range of 30 million units.

Then in 2006, Apple's market cap has managed to surpass Dell. And in 2007 the philosophy, exists iconic Apple products, iPhone. successful iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry with the presence of supporting applications store App Store. Until now, the iPhone is still adored and awaited his presence by Apple fans.

Do not stop there, Apple also popularized by the presence of iPad tablet PC in 2010. Many people initially pessimistic about this product will be successful. In fact until now, no one can undermine the leadership in the market iPad tablet.

Steve Jobs died of cancer in October 2011. His death caused deep sorrow to many. For friends and foes, he will always be regarded as the savior of Apple from the brink of 'death'.

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