Friday, August 10, 2012


Did you know that the highest score in the history of the game is 8-4 Community Shield? There is also a goalie ever scored in the opening match of UEFA Champions League.

Thus two of the five record appealing the Community Shield - formerly called the Charity Shield - which this year was held at Villa Park, Manchester City and Chelsea together

1. Most Frequently Champion team
Manchester United recorded as the team most often collect this trophy. From 28 appearances, a club nicknamed "Red Devils" is a champion 19 times (including four-time champion with another team).

Liverpool followed in second place with a total of 15 times champion (including five-time champions together), from 21 times to play in the match. Arsenal (12) and Everton (9) followed in their wake.

This year's contestants, Chelsea and Manchester City, also has been a champion. Chelsea won four of the five "final". Finally they got it in 2009, and last lost in 2010.

As for City, they had eight appearances in the Community Shield with the winning three times and lost five times. The last time they won was in 1975, last appeared but was defeated in last year (2011).

2. Biggest Skor 8-4
Until now the record's biggest score was 8-4 Community Shield match. Was created in the match Manchester United counter Swindon Town in 1911, or in the fifth edition of the event at Stamford Bridge, London.

Harold Halse scored six goals in that game, two goals from other MU carved Turnbull and Wall. Swindon's camp, they made four goals Fleming, Wheatcroft, Tout, Jefferson.

In the modern era, some of which led to scores of the match between Tottenham Hotspur vs other Ipswich Town (1962, 5-1), Manchester City vs West Brom (1968, 6-1), Nottingham Forest v Ipswich Town (1978, 5-0) , Leeds United vs Liverpool (1992, 4-3), and Manchester United vs Newcastle United (1996, 4-0).

3. Everton won the most consecutive
Everton have its own record as a team with the most consecutive wins, which is four times, from 1984 to 1987. One of them, in the edition of 1986, they won with Liverpool. The Toffees won a total of nine times Community Shield.

Manchester United's record is the opposite. They still hold the record for most teams with a losing streak, which is four times, from 1998 to 2011. In that period MU also holds the record as a team with the most consecutive appearances, six times, from 1996 to 2001 - twice the number of victories.

4. Goalkeeper Pat Jennings scored
Historically, only one player who plays goalie had listed his name on the scoreboard. He is the legendary Northern Ireland goalkeeper Pat Jennings.

Standing in goal Tottenham Hotspur in the 1967 match against Manchester United, he kicked the ball out of his hand in its own country. The ball flew far away, a new bounce in front of the penalty box MU, and past the reach of goalkeeper Alex Stepney who was standing slightly in front of the net.

The game ended 3-3, and both clubs declared joint winners.

5. Leicester City and Brighton & Hove Albion
Both clubs are listed as teams that have won the Shield, but not as a champion of the league or FA Cup. Leicester won the 1971 edition as Division Two champions, while Brighton champion in 1910 as Southern League champions.

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