Saturday, August 11, 2012


When going on a service vehicle, if not familiar with the vehicle, we are often asked to perform replacement of mechanical parts that are not necessary.

To prevent that, as a rider you have to be more active approach to the mechanics to get the most out of your vehicle.

There are some important questions that need to point out that you are not disappointed when you do a regular service or major service. And the question is as follows.

1. Is your favorite mechanic in the workshop have been certified?

This question is should you question, the article of this question could determine the fate of your vehicle. In addition, it also can improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through testing and professional certification in the repairs and service.

If it's your favorite repair shop mechanic or not certified you are advised to choose another certified repair shop.

2. Ask how the method of payment and guarantee what you get.

Before approving any work to be done, it is important to ask about a facility, insurance and payment policies. So that you do not want to get stuck paying the examination fee is expensive, so you do not agree before.

3. Ask what part should be replaced and there are still garansikah when doing a replacement.

It is more sure of what you'll pay, so you know what facilities and policies to be used before the mechanic so that it can prevent your bag leaks.

4. The question you should ask then is Does the garage have a list of references that you can call?

To really find out about the service records of the facility, not hurt you to ask for a reference list of other riders who have often entrust the vehicle dibengkel. They can give their experience with the technicians and how satisfied they are with their work.

5. The question you should also question is, can I receive a written explanation of what work is completed on my vehicle?

This question becomes very important after the mechanic fix your car. So you can find out what it has done the mechanics and you can tell how old your vehicle is completed.

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