Saturday, August 11, 2012


BMW is quite frustrated with the circulation of fake spare parts in Indonesia. BMW also gives tricks to distinguish between genuine and fake. Like what?

"To be able to find spare parts are original or fake, it can be seen in three ways. Among seen from the quality, it is definitely an already fake auto spare part will be more quickly exhausted or can not be used anymore. By default it hurt you financially, "said BMW AG said Nicole SPILA Product Management Department.

In addition it is seen from the price, if prices in the consumer it is much cheaper than the standard must be questioned because it was feared that the counterfeit goods.

"And the last sight of where the spare part is, a place to put the original spare part it has a better appearance when compared with the original," he added.

BMW gives examples of how the distinction of parts counterfeit or not

1. On oil filter
To prove it was false or oil filter can not be viewed by entering it into the water, when the original oil filter that will automatically keep a neat do not agglomerate or amorphous. And after replacing it will not strike.

Oil filters can also be tested by burning. When the original or the original oil filter was burned, it will not be terkabar, because the original oil filter was coated by antibakar while false will easily burn. This makes the car on fire in time to see warmer temperatures.

2. BMW logo on the rim
There are fundamental differences in price and size of the rim. The size of the original rims that measure between 19-19'5 inches, while the fake is provided with a size of 18 inches.

The next difference lies in quality. According to the results of testing in Germany, the original or the original rim when running at high speed and the pressure of 158 pounds of the weight of the rim will bend but will not break. But for the fake BMW logo rims immediately broke out and make the pressure out of control. This can cause a fatal accident to the rider.

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