Saturday, August 4, 2012


windows phone is relatively new and not yet too familiar, windows operating system is applied on the phone nokia lainnya.bagi lumia well as several types of new or novice user. The following are tips on interesting problems solutions windows phone

1. windows mobile phone is slow because the applications are running background, to disable
how to go through the settings> and then slide to the left and select the user application> task.aplilasi background that will be disabled, then select the Turn Off button.

2. how to create a shortcut for the album, playlist, artist, song, or genre
to do so through the start, drag to the left until the application list, then tap the icon in the Zune Music Videos.di, tap Music, move to the Artists, albums, Songs, playlists, or Genres.tap and hold the Artist, album, song, playlist , or genre, and then select the pin icon to start.

3. how to delete messages at once
icons do list that is second from the left of the list of email inboxes are opened, will appear in the checkbox to centang.dari where you can delete multiple messages at once.

4. track the whereabouts of the missing windows mobile
use the features you find my previously lumia.namun be setting on your phone via the Settings> System, then select Find My Phone.geser On.lalu its status to a position to find you can use a laptop or PC, open the browser, go to www. and login using the Live ID that is used on your phone.

5. how to change the signature on the email
to change the signature, you just open the inbox of the account you want to use, and select more (...) setting> signature.masukkan signature as you want.

So much just enough to attract tips from my phone windows problem hopefully these tips can be useful to man.

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