Thursday, August 9, 2012


Not only Losari or Fort Fort Rotterdam alone, South Sulawesi islands have a pretty charming. These islands are a haven for divers or beach lovers. Let's go there!

South Sulawesi has a complete attraction. There are historical tours to the abundant natural. These four beautiful islands in South Sulawesi:

1. Island Samalona
Located about 30 minutes from Losari, Samalona Island as your personal property. With an area of ​​only 2 acres, there are white sand and marine life is perfect here.

Samalona main dish on the island is the beauty of the underwater world. When diving, you can see the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish and sea horses. The water was crystal clear, adding to the bend of the underwater world.

Samalon any beach on the island has white sand and very clean. At dusk, sunsetnya truly captivating. With the wide open sea views and are not crowded by people or shops, will make you comfortable to enjoy the sun is slowly sinking. Interested?

2. Small island Laelae
If you want to play water on the beach, Laelae Small Island is the place. The island is only 1.6 km from the city of Makassar and is accessible only in about 5 minutes by speed boat from Pier Popsa, Makassar.

The island is also a favorite for the Makassar. Every weekend, the beach is crowded by visitors.

Various activities can be done on this island, from the play of water on the beach, snorkeling, and even diving. However, most who come to visit are those who just play sea water while bathing. Hmmm, relax on the beach while bercengkarama with the surrounding community will be very enjoyable.

3. Island Lihukan
for divers, this place is heaven. Located 45 minutes from the Tanjung Bira, charm Lihukan Coast awaits your arrival.

Underwater riches worthy to be explored. Coral reefs are colorful, fish-marine fish are cute, and the water is crystal clear, making snorkelling and diving activities are fun. Reef on the island is famous for very beautiful!

Usually, tourists rarely stay on the island, due to the small lodging facilities. Most tourists stay in Tanjung Bira and spent a day on the island Lihukan. Although only a day, but it's very beautiful.

4. Island of Heaven
800 meters from Makassar, the exotic beauty of the island is able to attract the hearts of many visitors. Heaven Island is one tourist destination that recently visited by tourists.

Kayangan island already has several facilities supporting tourism activities, such as docks, where lodging, entertainment stage, restaurant, multi-purpose building, a playground for children, sports facilities and swimming pools.

There are treats water and a perfect sunset on the island. Relax in this island will forget all your boredom. Complete facilities were very supportive.

That's four most beautiful islands in South Sulawesi. Congratulations to relax and explore the underwater beauty!

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