Friday, August 31, 2012


Confused when traveling because you are a vegetarian? Not to worry because in this world there are cities that is friendly to both the anti-meat. Want to know?
Doing pelesiran around the world is the right of all people. But what about vegetarians? The selection of food is difficult, often making vegetarians should think again and again to make the trip.
Actually, it is not a big deal. For you who are anti-meat and fat still can walk without having to think about the food business. Bahkian there are 5 cities in the world that is very friendly to vegetarians.
Here are 5 cities fit for vegetarian travelers version of She Knows, Monday (27/08/2012):

1. London, England
The town is located in the UK has been established as the best city for vegetarians by PETA, the animal lovers. For those who love vegetables and fruit, this beautiful city can be the right choice.
In fact, the UK population is very meticulous on selecting meats. So, making meals using meat must be in accordance with customer demand. Therefore, tourists can at will choose foods that diingingkan. Although it was only a vegetable and fruit.

2. Taipei, Taiwan
Most of the people are Buddhists Taipei. Therefore, most of the population of Taiwan is known as the capital of vegetarianism.
In this city there are more than 6,000 restaurants that offer free meals meat. The town is also rich in tourist destinations is also known by the traveler as a vegetarian buffet.

3. Mumbai, India
Also write the title of the city as a 'home' is not vegetarian either. All you need to know a third of the population in India is vegetarian. Even in any food sold in supermarkets always have a label notice.
The label attached to a product that contains fat, meat, and eggs. It is also very easy for the traveler in choosing vegetarian foods.
Besides, India also has a variety of unique culture that you can capture shots-shots through the camera. Yes, been to Mumbai and blend into the natural beauty and the friendliness of its people can be a fun thing for the streets of India.

4. Jerusalem, Israel
Cities in Israel, seems to be the candidate of your tour destinations. With the regulations requiring the separation of meat and vegetables, every restaurant that has "Halal" must clean of meat.
In addition to enjoying the life of one of the cities in the Middle East, tourists can still vegetarian culinary tour. Sample some typical food of Jerusalem, such as hummus and falafel, you can feel without having to lose your appetite.

5. Portland, United States
Portland is a city located in the area of ​​Oregon, USA. During the trip in this city, you will not be difficult to find a good restaurant for vegetarians.
Yes, of course, because this is one of the most friendly to vegetarians. In addition, Portland also has a lot of tourism potential traveler can visit to see another beauty behind the greatness of the name the United States.
That's five this city, not only to respect the vegetarians but also has a variety of tourist destinations and attractive. Ready venturing into the world, even if you're a vegetarian? Do not forget, the input of these cities into wisatamu travel destinations.

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