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The attractiveness of a tourist sometimes it comes from the mystical story behind its existence. Here are 5 mystical sights in Java, which hunters must travel dikunjung horror!
follows five mystical sights in Java:
1. South Coast region of Java Island
What is imagined in your mind when I heard said the South Coast? The atmosphere of horror, mysticism and the figure of a Queen of the South may direct hovering in your mind. It is true, the area is famous because it was believed the mythical dwelling place of the Queen of South and his genie. That's what makes the South Beach area visited by many tourists.

Which makes the horror, the various restrictions applied in the South Coast, such as not to say rude, keep clean, and not to the beach at night or dusk arrived in the South Coast region. There are also many people who claim to have met the Queen and the royal visit in the South in the southern ocean. However, the South Coast region are interesting to visit, such as the Port Coastal Queen, Edge Tile and Parangtritis.

2. Sewu Lawang, Central Java
Who does not know the awesomeness Lawang Sewu? This historic sights had been known since long as the tourist sites of horror that could make you stand chilling. In fact, so popular with keangkerannya, Lawang Sewu never be the set of the television show 'Another World' for 'test of guts'. At that time, someone who is testing the guts to see the appearance of female figure with long hair! Records of sightings is now accessible on youtube and you can immediately see it.

But now Lawang Sewu been renovated and has more function as a historical tourist sites. This building formerly used as railway offices at the time of the Dutch Government. Now, this mystical side has been reduced due to the many lights.

"Right now it is less mystical Ms., probably because it has a lot of light and not dark yet," Tour Guide Lawang Sewu, Masella told detikTravel, Wednesday (09/08/2012).

Although it has been renovated, Lawang Sewu still had the mystique that is sometimes not visible.

"I used to be one of the tourists come in the building B Sewu Lawang, then he accidentally took the photo and looks like a white shadow that flies, so do not believe Ms. believe it," said Masella.

Do not believe? Coming straight to Lawang Sewu which is open daily starting at 8 a.m. to 21:00 pm.

3. Fatahillah Museum, London
Fatahillah Museum in the Old City was not only attractive for the location of historical attractions, but also for the lovers of horror tour. There are several places that said a lot of people tense and mystical.

One of them is the famous dungeon as a place to punish the natives. That said, they were held captive by the sadistic and the prisoners who die in the dungeon. Not surprisingly, for some people who come to the Museum Fatahillah at night, will hear the moans and screams.

Not only that, in one room there is also a sword used to execute prisoners. The sword is long and large. They say the prisoners are there blood on the sword is not washed and left in place. The museum also has rooms add mystery and secrets and hidden mystical.

4. Lawu
For you lovers of horror tour, do not miss the Mount Lawu located on the border of Central Java and East Java. This mountain presents an undeniable natural beauty, the sun rises like a charm. Eits but wait, there are some rules that must be adhered to the pendakinya. That said, Lawu can be regarded as the spiritual center on the island of Java.

The most famous mystery stories in the market Lawu is the devil. Satan market is near Hargo Dalem, one of the top of Mount Lawu. As the name implies, the devil is certainly not the market can be seen by the eyes of ordinary people, only people with certain skills that can be heard. According to the confidence of local people, if you hear a voice as offering something, such as 'buy what deck?', You are required to spend money and throw it.

5. Alas Purwo, East Java
Another tourist area is also visited because the Alas Purwo keangkerannya in East Java. Behind the beauty of the expanse of mountains, forests, caves and beaches are tempting, mystery of the kingdom saved jin. Oh!

Yes, you read that right, many people who say Alas Purwo as a place to meditate often add to the occult and even pesugihan! There, there are more than 30 caves that used to be imprisoned. In some caves, and the streets, do not be surprised if you find many offerings.

That said, there are many spirits and demons in this place. It is recommended for those who want to Purwo Alas, to keep my mouth to not say nasty, do not think negative, obeying the rules of the local residents, and do not destroy nature. According to the shaman or wise man, Alas Purwo is the center of the kingdom of spirits in Banyuwangi to Situbondo.

That's five tourist destinations is also known for his frightening place. Remember, do not disturb the 'gatekeepers' in those places, if you do not want to be disturbed.

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