Saturday, August 4, 2012


Communication with a person will feel comfortable if you and the other person has a personal interest in each other. Interest can be constructed in various ways, such as looking attractive and look smart in front of the other person. Who would not want to look smarter? Here is a simple tips to appear more intelligent:

1. Keep Eye Contact. 
Keep eye contact at all times and make your voice a little lower. 3 code of the most common language of communication, paralanguage (elements such as tone, tempo, volume) and non-verbal clues. Language plays 30% -35% of the meaning of the conversation, which means things like your voice and how you move the hands of an impact on how people perceive you.

2. Listen to Yourself. 
You sound different from bagaimaan people hear you. Enlist the help of a friend to rate the way you speak and write what elements are most disturbing and still needs to be repaired while you talk.

3. Talk With Accurate. 
Rather than talk 'too high' but one, use simple words are easy to understand would imply intelligence. Choose words carefully and make sure that is not ambiguous, ambigue, confusing or wordy. For example, instead of saying "Hm .. in connection with the peak traffic on 20, then the inquiry message is sent in payment transactions through the ATM did not respond to telephone the main-server Telkom in Divre IV" better packaged with "Hm .. I think the emergence of disruption caused by the phone payment transactions in the telecoms systems have not been able to handle such a high number of transactions, especially in the 20th it is today ".

4. Mention Name Or Event Who's Hot. 
Follow the news and current events as the beginning of the conversation to give you added credibility and value, for example, "Hm .. it seems the political temperature rising ahead of presidential elections ya tomorrow."

5. Pause. 
Plan what you are talking about before saying it rather than using the "eee ...", "mmm ..." or "what's his name ..."

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