Thursday, August 30, 2012


Jakarta not only save the tall buildings and gardens adorned with sparkling lights of the capital. Behind it all, the city has many places of immense mystery.
Traveling is not always fun could be done only in places of entertainment. Various places that hold mystery story is also not spared from the target type horror enthusiast.
DiBerikut is 4 destinasti must-see type of horror enthusiast guts test:

1. Red Shop

Maybe it's a lot to know about the existence of the Red Shop in Kota Tua, Jakarta. Previously, Red Shop is the home of a senior VOC that sparked the killing of Chinese in Batavia.
Later, the building was converted into a shop populated by Chinese people in 1851. This three-century-old building
True to its name, the building has walls almost entirely red. Architectural taken touted taking Chinese style.
Red store was built on the river front are a silent witness to the bloody massacre of tens of thousands of lives sacrificed ethnic colonial era. Red shop also been used as a place of torture the girl.
Because of that history, often called the Red Store haunted places in Jakarta. It is said that this store had heard the cries and the soldiers marching. That makes this store more austere appearance of a woman is supposedly common in the building. Dare to test your nerve here?
Not a few of the fighting guts to come to this place to test your nerve. In fact, it never entered the store awesomeness in the event Scary Job.

2. Park City Langsat Mayestik

After the Red Store, another supposedly haunted places in Jakarta are in Mayestik Langsat Parks. Market behind the Barito bird market is a comfortable city park.
State Parks Langsat have sports facilities that can be used any visitors. Shade trees that fill the park provide beautiful nuance. Unfortunately, not many visitors who come and use the facilities at the park.
Because of that quiet, Parks aka Langsat considered horror haunted, especially at night. It is said that at night people often look at the trees kuntilanak Langsat Park. Hii!
In fact, a horror story about this city park has also become more widespread. That said, one night there are people who are sitting in the stalls around the park, but suddenly excused himself to go home. Want to know why? He said he saw the apparition Genderuwo.
Do not stop there, kehororan Langsat Parks increasing because of other horror stories emerge. That said, the strange smells and sounds of laughter often with no apparent source appears in this park.

3. Inscription Garden Museum

One more haunted places in Jakarta, the Garden Tomb Inscriptions. Almost everyone agrees that the cemetery is certainly a place of horror, as the final resting place of man, not least in the Museum's tomb inscription.
Inscription Garden Museum is a museum that holds many ancient tombstones. First before becoming a museum, park cemetery inscriptions are generally called Kebon Ginger Kober. Then in 1977 the cemetery was converted into a museum function.
Go to the Garden Museum inscription, immediate sense of horror. Suansa quiet a contributing factor that made my hair stand on end. detikTravel visited some time ago.
Another thing that makes this little museum is haunted by the presence of many tombs in it. Not only that, Inscription State Museum also housed many statues. Most sculpture shaped like an angel.
If you have the courage, just try to come in the afternoon to the museum and test your guts.

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