Thursday, August 30, 2012


Jakarta still got looks pretty exotic. It is, depending on how you enjoy it. Many ways can be conducted to enjoy the beautiful capital city. Want to know?
If it just sits in a private car or around the day at the mall in Jakarta, it is common. Experiment and do 5 tricks to enjoy the beauty of the City of New York:

1. TransJakarta bus around town
TransJakarta, modern public transport in Jakarta were cheap. With only pay Rp 3,500 per person, travelers can already get around Jakarta and tourist sites at some point. Tourist destinations bypassed by TransJakarta bus, such as the National Monument (Monas), the National Museum, the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Ancol and Ragunan.
For added convenience during travel using TransJakarta bus, a traveler needs to know the corridor and stops. If you do not know the stops that want to go, you can ask the officer who was on the bus, look at the map that comes with the route Jakarta TransJakarta, or see the information board at the stop Transjakarta.
Conditions bus air-conditioned and clean even complete comfort both at around Jakarta. More fun again, if your trip is done on a Saturday or Sunday.

2. Cycling evening around Monas
Jakarta enjoy the cool air, not impossible. Try you around Jakarta at night. Eits, wait a minute! Instead of using a car or motorcycle. A little exercise with menggowes bike on the road around the monument could be a good idea. In addition to healthy, you can also enjoy the cooler the heart of the capital and gorgeous.
You can wander Jalan Medan Merdeka using the bike with ease. In addition to the cooler air, at night the volume of vehicles passing through the area tend to be more quiet.
Cycling with some friends at night, could be a way of enjoying Jakarta. Once satisfied heart surrounds the capital, you can relax in the courtyard garden while enjoying the beauty of the monument monument that became an icon of Jakarta.

3. Cross over to the Thousand Islands
Bored with the full panorama of the capital of skyscrapers, you can shift to the north of Jakarta. Yes, more precisely to the Thousand Islands regency. You can see the other side of Jakarta which has a panoramic view of the sea, the waves, reefs, and islands are always interesting to be visited.
Panoramic views across the beautiful waters of Jakarta presented in front of the eye, for travelers crossing to the Thousand Islands. Not only that, tourists will pass through the islands in the Thousand Kepuauan cluster. During the trip, you can ask about the names of islands or other information to the crew of the Thousand Islands.
To do this crossing, travelers can use speed boats or timber ships. If you want to enjoy a longer trip, a traveler can choose wooden boats as a means of crossing. But if you do not want to be too long on the road, of course, fast ship be the right choice.

4. Photographing the evening bustle of Jakarta
Bustle was already attached as a special identity Jakarta. Morning, afternoon, or evening boisterous atmosphere never lost. Jakarta night, the fact remains aesthetically productive in several locations.
Light street lights and twinkling lights of the skyscrapers buildings, making more exotic jakarta at night. It would not hurt to capture the atmosphere of the capital through the night shots-shots with your camera.
To launch this moment, a few spots like roundabout, Monas courtyard, around the Old City, and others could be the spot of your choice. Come with friends, so the atmosphere more lively and fun!
However, make sure the vehicle was parked in a safe place or bring with you. Do not you forget the fun hunting photos and your stuff others.

5. Travel to the traditional markets in Jakarta
Do not just look at the mall! In Jakarta, there are many traditional markets are fun for a visit. Besides sightseeing, tourists can also hunt for cheap goods yeng qualified in those markets.
In fact, the traditional capital markets have many unique and distinctive. There Rawa Belong Flower Market and Market in West Jakarta Asemka Accessories, miscellaneous toys Gembrong Market, East Jakarta, the clothes in Pasar Senen, Tanah Abang, and Baroe Market in Central Jakarta, to Croton Garden Shoe Market and Fabric Market Mayestik in Jakarta south.
In the traditional market you can shop clothing, fabrics, accessories, shoes, food, toys at a price to be adjusted with the budget. Invite family or friends nearby to tour shopping in the capital without having to think about such an inflated price at the mall.
Another advantage of shopping at traditional markets, visitors may bid up to the price of merchandise to suit pockets. But remember! While visiting these markets, you have to be extra careful to keep all luggage not to get left behind or lost.
This moves you can try to see the other side of Jakarta. Not only about jams, Jakarta still has the charm and appeal.

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