Sunday, August 5, 2012


Memory is full, often restart, got the virus is susceptible to diseases common to several Symbian phones. As with any PC that has a mobile operating system so that its handling of operating system different than most cell phones. Well there is one effective way to eliminate all Symbian disease in a jiffy. How ya in format or hard reset. The term that in the PC world in reinstalling, so phone now, but that certainly does not need to master in this Cd:-p
In this way proved several times to save my symbian phone, well this time I will discuss how to reset nokia symbian second version. Here's how:

1. Prior to backing up your data format, such as contacts and sms using the program as easy back up back up etc.
2. Turn off the phone
3. Then turn on simultaneously by pressing the star button, 3, and the green button (the button to make a call)
4. Release the power button (to turn on the phone) while others remain in the position held
5. Some time will be no formatting text, wait for the process is complete
6. back again when it's your data, go easy back up and select restore

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