Sunday, August 5, 2012


Doing outdoor adventure or a swim in the water depth was less when not accompanied by the device called a camera.
The process of capturing the moment in any place and at any time it should not be constrained, especially by material factors such as weather or water.
When the cameras should be kept out of the water, it is not for the cameras designed waterproof. As the name implies, it can be a constant companion on the beach or other outdoor environment without fear of damage.
Waterproof camera itself is usually not only got the ability to hold water, but also impact resistant and dustproof.
Interested in having them? For those of you who are planning to buy this type of camera is worth considering a number of important points before making a decision.
In addition to personal skills, producing a good photo is also influenced by the camera is good too.
Here are some points is as summarized from Tech.lifegoesstrong, Wednesday (27/06/2012), so you can bring home a camera that has a qualified performance.

1. LCD
LCD to be one important consideration before buying a waterproof camera. Because of its presence being replaced viewfinder, then make sure you can see the image on the LCD screen in all circumstances.

A good LCD screen can still be seen in the open air, especially when the sun is shining bright. LCD displays also play an important role to play back photos you have taken.

Well, if the screen was dim and can not be set to fix it, you can be difficult to know whether you have captured the subject as desired.

2. Features

- Automatic Scene Selection

Offers scene mode as if it was common in the category point and shoot camera. This mode allows users to maximize shooting under any conditions.

For example, a landscape scene mode will enrich the color blue and green, are beach scene mode will set the reflected light from sand and water.

And now facilitate the achievement of manufacturing camera photo ciamik scene mode by combining the automatic mode. The camera will evaluate what you shoot and pick out the most appropriate scene mode.

You will not be bothered at all because these features are automatic. Whether it was at the beach or on the mountain, this feature will cleverly detects a scene there. In fact, there are cameras that can detect underwater conditions.


To obtain a good color detail, consider the features High Dynamic Range (HDR). In essence, the HDR brings together several shots with different exposures to get the best results.

- Built-in GPS

For those who like to travel, embedded GPS feature built-in allows users to track the location where the photo was taken. Some cameras also can display a map of the location of the user including the coordinates.

- Motion Panorama

Imagine you are on top of the mountain and wanted to capture the scene with wide viewing angle. Motion Panorama feature will facilitate you.

This feature is able to 'stitch' images in just one movement. The result? Landscape with a view of 180 degrees or 360 degrees can be enjoyed.

- Low Light Shooting

Do not forget the next capability that is not less important. Not always you are in a situation that's light enough? Well, see if the camera can produce images that stay good in low light conditions (low light).

Feature in a number of cameras can adjust light sensitivity (ISO) automatically so that the picture is not ngeblur. A classic problem when shooting in the dark matter could be minimized.

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