Friday, November 23, 2012


If you have a website and you want to be seen by many people and want to have a high-traffic blog, so it's good we mengsubmit to directories and SEO techniques. If you do not know how to get started here are some tips to support our blog traffic with SEO techniques are simple

  1. Is very important if you master what would become "Niche" you, karen if you're not nguasain niche blog for you, usually for a return visitor (repeat visitors) konverinya low. by mastering niche blog that is in you, then you can easily develop what is your niche and could increase your traffic
  2. Apart from a lot of content and rich, you also need to make sure that you have content that is unique. Never copy from sites related to your topic (if not trapped papa's hihihihi). You do not want to be accused of plagiarism. Because with a frsh kontoen and unique, then it is likely visitors will repeat his visit
  3. you also have to frequently update the website You. It actually has a purpose, both in terms of visitors and the search engines. People will often check the website to see what's new and what's been added to the content you especially if you are writing Ko Ko interesting. You will also increase blog traffic by doing this. If you have a good ranking, people will see you as a credible source danterpercaya they will find more reason to trust what you say. The logic is like this only. if you type the keyword "increase blog traffic" and it turns out the contents of the contents Ko Ko already stale (not updated) could be visitors so do not believe in your writing.
  4. You need to know and choose the right keywords people use to get to the site like you. There is free software, and there are also sites that you can use to find out more about it. it's usually called by the Test and measure it's cool language test and measure (eh bener not that? heheheh) are usually free and are mantab google keyword tools, while I was happy that it paid the same Market samurai. but worth it loh booo. ketulungan not expensive. I usually also use Keyword Elite many advantages of the tool are paid compared to the free tool. although I dapet tools are also warez
  5. Blast your traffic by using a micro-niche. What the hell is a micro niche??? Micro nihce is the keyword / niche competitors little (under 1 million), but its search many (usually above 1000)
  6. Make sure that your web site can be accessed by using the appropriate HTML.
  7. Use an appropriate title, and contain keywords choice
  8. If you buy a domain, you must make sure that the keywords that are included in it. Except for business branding.
  9. If have money on advertising suggest. right now many tuh that provide banner to be sold at a traffic blog2 remain very high, usually rangenya 25 thousand to 100 thousand a month. especially if the banner that pairs an actual "invite" eyes. example by using pictures sexy girl. possibility banner is clicked on even higher
  10. Try to get links from authority that has a high page rank

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