Friday, September 14, 2012


11 Smart Tips: Tips Printer Sustainable and Durable. Tips to look forward to the users printer to remain durable and long lasting. Do not waste these tips. Want to know?

Inkjets are very susceptible to damage, especially on the cartridge. It is worth noting that a good way of maintaining the printer. Therefore, please read this article carefully. If friends there other experiences, please add in the comments :-)
1. Use printer as often as possible, not to idle 1 week
Even if you only print one or two pieces only, keep within 1 week inkjet printer you are using and not idle. Inkjet printers are not used for too long will cause the ink cartridge in the head dry, the ink clog. It will be difficult for you to print documents.
2. Benefit Features Clean Head On Software Default Printer
Software built inkjet printers usually have features clean head. Do a clean head periodically to keep the output of the ink cartridge head smoothly.
3. Keep your printer
There was an interesting experience when I unpacked my friend printer can not do printing documents. Apparently in the printer has conceded his wife comb hehe I do not know where it came from, which definitely comb fell and got swallowed printer. So, keep your printer from foreign objects, including dust. Clean regularly.
4. Turn off the printer using the power button
Turn off the printer a bad habit is the direct mancabut printer power cord from the power outlet. By turning off the printer using the power button function to return the cartridge to the position where it should be, so the printer head is not easy to dry.
5. Make sure the paper is not wrinkled and appropriate
Avoid the use of ink folded or wrinkled. Paper that is too thick else it is not advisable to use.
6. Do not touch the cartridge chip by hand
Static electricity from your hands can move directly into the chip cartridge which will further disrupt the component.
7. Keep the quality of the ink refill
Use the recommended ink refill that cartridge durability awake. Refill ink is of poor quality sometimes too thin and the print quality is not satisfactory.
8. Immediately refill the ink not to run
The ink in the empty printer cartridges will cause the printer head dry so kapilernya holes clogged, so do not wait until the ink runs out, immediately return the current contents of the ink has been no indication of low ink ink.
9. Note the condition of your printer wastepad,
Replace wastepad disposal or use outside so the ink will not spill into the printer
10. Do not arbitrarily disassemble the printer casing
Before you are the real experts do not ever try to disassemble your own printer as you become an expert not to dismantle it :-)
11. Place the printer away from liquid objects
You like coffee? Make sure not to put your printer in addition to coffee. Sometimes calamity comes by accident. So, ready umbrella before it rains, be careful :-)

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