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15 Ways To Maintain Flashdisk True Sustainable and Durable. Your data is a priceless treasure. Avoid damage to the flash to keep

15 Ways To Maintain Flashdisk True Sustainable and Durable. How important the flash, it feels exasperated if the data to be lost just because we're wrong to care and keeping. Especially when you need to install a netbook with a flash. So, here we are troubleshooting the computer to flash more durable and long lasting so that the data is healthy and happy :-)

Here's 15 Ways To Maintain Flashdisk True Sustainable and Durable:
1. Keep away from high magnetic fields such as computer speakers so that data storage is not compromised.

2. Keep flahs disk in a clean and properly sealed so that no components are dirty and rusty.

3. Always backup data from the flash into a protected computer anti virus that data security is ensured.

4. Once we use it on another computer with an antivirus scan to be safe from the virus-borne.

5. Avoid banging and dropping the flash so that the components inside are not damaged.

6. Keep the flash of hot and cold temperatures excessive so that components are not damaged.

7. Please check your pockets before washing your clothes, do not let the flash submerged into the water unless sure you really waterproof.

8. Eject or stop to turn off the flash first before we pull.

9. It is recommended not to edit files on the flash disk directly, you should copy and edit the hard disk, you just save it back into the flash when you're done.

10. Keep hologram, wrap the flash and save the invoice for warranty purposes.

11. Do not be too often flash disk format because it can damage or reduce the amount of clear boundaries write.

12. If there is a flash disk defrag your flash so that more optimal performance.

13. In order not to easily fall off and disappear, buy flash strap with striking colors.

14. Always Ejectlah flash before pulling it from your computer or laptop

15. Keep your flash cover is not lost, give or buy flash cord which secured the lid. Because the loss of the flash may cause dust cap fouled plug in it.

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