Friday, September 14, 2012


Do you ever feel your work is never-ending, the work was not finished there other work that you do and that you can not proof Managing yourself well. Well, so you can plan, work, and finish the job, or your job, you should be able to Managing yourself and not someone else, let alone regulated by doing. Do not be a victim the butt of a result can not be Managing yourself. The key to whether or not the job is completed Managing good self.
Here are tips on good self Managing not to work carelessly.
1. Use some of your time to think about the job and your job, and make a plan you are going to do. Do not busy at the time and quiet time.

2. Determine the targets you want to achieve as well as the implementation deadline. The goal is to stimulate and encourage to make it fit terget deadlines.

3. Prepare harian.susun schedule tasks according to your priorities.

4. Create a daily schedule along with time for something that is not terduga.hal it makes you behave elastically when there is a sudden interest.

5. Disclose anything that you can express and need to know the time and really take care not to waste time.

6. Avoid activities that are not useful. That would make a mess of yourself.

7. Say "no" to requests that interfere with the work of others is especially important if the request was not scheduled.

8. Complete tasks and work hard and disturb without delay.

9. Do not be too taxing excessive.

10. Move according to the work schedule and not let circumstances set yourself.

That tips Managing yourself properly, may be useful for you. :-)

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