Tuesday, September 4, 2012


is the place for you to make money. But, you know, it turns out the office can also be a source of disease for you.

As quoted from the beauty genius, here are some office equipment that can carry the disease.

Air Conditioner (AC) 
Offices are usually equipped with air conditioning. Air conditioning can be a source of infectious diseases. Air can also trigger an inflammatory disease of the lungs. To avoid such a dangerous disease, remove yourself from the location of the air conditioner in the office.

Work chair 
The workers often impaired posture, such as back pain and neck pain due to sitting position and seat less precise. Adjust the seat and seating position in such a way that muscle tension can be minimized. Make sure you sit with your back straight and lean back on the chair.

Door handles and elevator buttons 
Door handles and elevator buttons the most commonly held by people and touch people every day. Researchers in the U.S. say, about 150 spasies bacteria are in the hands of every man and when pressing the elevator, the bacteria will stick in your hand. So, it is advisable to wash your hands more frequently to avoid the disease.

Less door 
There is a dangerous element if the office does not have enough doors and only separated by cubicles. Scientists believe many infections tend to spread faster in the office when it does not have a lot of doors. To avoid harmful effects, open a window on the time off to turn better air circulation.

Computer Keyboard 
Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the U.S. says there are 510 kinds of microbes per square centimeter of a computer keyboard. This is 150 times more microbes than toilet seats. Always washing hands and avoiding to hold the face or chin resting. It can facilitate the bacteria enter the body.

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