Friday, September 14, 2012


Tips on How to Fix Monitor Lightweight die as early action in an attempt first aid on the problems of your computer monitor. Want to know? Yuk!
Hellen Keller in sight limitations he was able to open the eyes of the whole world about the miracle, that something that is limited we may not necessarily lead to despair. Always trying is the best way to achieve what we want to get.
Well, if today is your computer monitor problem, do not break the charcoal okay because you just broke result will be a tool to burn broil ups hehehe just kidding :-)
Monitor is an essential tool of your computer. If your monitor is broken, do not care about anything as good as your computer's specifications, as well as any operating system and applications on your computer, your work is interrupted as a result. Just like you work with your eyes closed. Writing without notice, to paint in the dark :-)
So make sure your monitor has been treating you well. Please read the article on how to care monitor this website by clicking here. However, if your monitor has already broken, it's time to act. Go to the place of service or follow the first aid following:

If your monitor is off while the CPU is still alive,
1. Do not panic
2. Check the switch on / off your monitor
3. Press any key or move the mouse you are, chances are the monitor is in standby
4. Check the VGA cable connected from the monitor to the CPU, plug again well
5. Check the monitor power cable connecting the monitor to the mains voltage, be careful
6. Turn off the computer by pressing the power button once
7. Unplug the power cord to the monitor and the CPU
8. Wait a while until the rest of the stored electricity back to neutral
9. Replace the VGA cable and power to the right, turn once again
10 If the dead still take it to the nearest service
Tips on How to Fix Minor Monitor Dead imageDemikianlah articles on how to repair the monitor, how to become technicians monitor itself. Hope it helps you all. A message from me be careful of any electrical appliances you want to fix, make sure the security yourself from electric shock hazards. Hopefully suskes!

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