Friday, September 14, 2012


Tips How to Reinstall Computer Good and True. You want to reinstall it? Do not be hasty, note the following important points. Do not just install! Definition reinstall no raw, but that is understood by the audience in general is the process of reinstalling the operating system and its computer programs in it. Ha can be caused by the operating system is damaged or destroyed by a computer virus so that the OS needs to be rejuvenated again.

However, our ignorance about how to reinstall the computer is good and right will jeopardize all, might reinstall after we gape as unformatted data out during the process of reinstalling, or even your computer silently without sound because the sound card is not recognized and you has no driver.

Hence, share computer tips computer tips surefire way to reinstall computer properly following:

1. Make sure that your Windows Installer CD Original
Sweaping many officers in public places is a step to reduce software piracy. If you are caught using pirated software and the operating system would be affected by these raids. To be safe wear original CD or wear open source OS such as Linux.

2. Before my serial number Reinstall your OS Installer CD
Serial number is important, what happens if you have done reinstall the turns in the middle of the process should be stopped because the serial number forgotten or does not exist. Like the half-cooked rice, in eating bad taste in the exhaust was redundant. So make sure your installer CD serial number you wrote down.

3. First backup important data from drive C:
The data stored in the My Documents folder by default is drive C, if you do not make backups of the files in this folder be prepared to lose important data stored therein.

4. Drivers Prepare according to the specifications of your computer
Driver hardware that is not plug and play with the default OS driver would certainly be a problem after the OS installation is complete. If OS can not recognize the voice on the sound card or sound chipset, for example, you can bet you will be muted when the computer is used to play music or movies. So prepare driver according to the specifications of your computer

5. Prepare master program and computer software needed
The programs that exist at the time of reinstalling the computer will be lost without a trace. Therefore, prepare your program CDs that you will use to re-install after the OS is installed on the computer such as Microsoft Office CD, Multimedia, Utility, Design and so on.

6. Follow the installation steps right
Follow the installation steps from the operating system Tips How to Reinstall Computer Good and True. In this blog I have included how to install Windows XP and how to install windows 7 complete with pictures.

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