Monday, September 3, 2012


Building a career is not just about work performance alone, the behavior can determine your own future career. As quoted from GeniusBeauty, here are five behaviors that might damage your reputation as a professional.

1. No matter
When employers are looking for someone who can take over the responsibility because there is one partner who is ill, you actually step back and let others take up the challenge. This is clearly inflicting damage on you, by doing the work of others, you can enlarge the scope of knowledge and skills. Bonus, your boss think of you as a reliable person.

2. Not keeping promises
You might just be the hardest working employee. But once you have failed to fulfill the promise of meeting clients or fail to meet the deadline, the co-workers and boss will have doubts whether they can rely on you or give you the things that are responsible. Better said before if you are not able to keep them.

3. knowledgeably
Very nice if you have ideas that are useful for the survival of your company. But no less important is the way to convey the idea. Convey convey those ideas by sharing not by telling, you might be labeled as a co-worker who knowingly.

4. Running from reality
Failure and poor work performance is very common. Instead, immediately find the right solution and never run out of problems. Blaming others for your failures is one example attitude of escape.

5. gossip
Instead, avoid gossiping about work or colleagues. Maybe gossiping could be one way to get along with co-workers, but engage in negative conversations make you negative. Try to stay as far away from all the gossip.

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