Monday, September 3, 2012


Clothing is supporting your appearance. No need to be a model to be a fashionable person, you too can look stylish with a touch.

Before starting memadupadakan fashion, there are things that need to be considered in a dress. Following this, five base to get a stylish appearance, as

Simple But Graceful
Accessories can really complement your appearance, but that does not mean you have to wear all the jewelry collection owned. If you want to look elegant, you can use a necklace with a small pendant, bracelet with decorative gemstones, rings and simple hairstyle.

Using the current fashion trend, not necessarily make you look cool. The main thing is taking care of themselves. When you clean your nails, eyebrow tidy, neat hair, you look more stylish wearing any clothes.

Choose Clothes that Reflect Yourself
Trends change rapidly, and therefore you need to develop a style of your own characteristics. Style is innate, but it can also be studied. For example, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, he was wearing a shirt with a similar model for 3 decades. Even so, he still looks stylish. the important thing is to always choose a dress that shows who you are and not just follow the trend.

Wear The Right Size
There is no point you force yourself to wear a dress too small or too big. It will only make you feel uncomfortable and look like borrowing other people's stuff. Adele imitate the Grammy Award event. He appears charming while performing with Giorgio Armani gown that simple. The key is he wearing the right size for her body.

Dare In Choosing Clothing
Come out with a unique and unexpected. This will make the overall appearance to be unusual. Are like Sharon Stone who kicked off the Oscar red carpet with a white shirt and ball skirt. Look for innovative new style that suits your characteristic.

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