Thursday, September 13, 2012


Having the dark skin is not an obstacle for you to look stylish and attractive. Try to show kelebeihan so that you can support your appearance to the fullest. Here is a clever tips appear bright sunny look to you who have dark skin:

  1. Apply a liquid foundation before using this powder colored leather. Do not apply the mousse shaped solid foundation and powder bright colors that are brighter than the original color.
  2. Use bright colors and a bit of shimmer on the lid so that the eyes look brighter. Use green color with little white highlights on the corner of the eye.
  3. Trim your eyelashes and use mascara pelentik. Avoid adding false eyelashes eye karen will look heavy.
  4. Trim eyebrows using eye shadow powder instead of eyebrows, trim the eyebrow brush.
  5. Avoid the use of force smoky eyes on the eyelid.
  6. Apply blush pink-orange color on the inside of the cheek bone to the outside.
  7.   Use pink lipstick with a lip-gloss so lips look fresher. Avoid using dark lipstrik like purple or black, these colors tend to be 'buried' your face.
  8. To compensate for oval faces, put bubbles in the hair using a vise or hair rollers.
  9. Use brightly colored clothes, white or neutral like brown, beige skin that does not look even darker

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