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Internet today has become part of people call it a lifestyle that we often use facebook to interact with friends and family you plainly petrified google you find anything you want at this time in the estimate internet user in the world has reached 1,966,514,816 people using the Internet and this number continues to grow every day.
Indirectly, it turns out that there are sites on the internet site apparently has changed the life style you never know which site you want any kind of great influence in the lifestyle of people today see 10 Site Change Human Life below.

1. Google - Convert almost all of the Virtual
As extreme as it sounds, it's pretty safe to say that when you come into the Google Internet can find in one place and at any place.
If you ever need to get somewhere, you may go to If you need to find something, is probably the first place you visit.

2. eBay - Changing the way we buy and sell
While online shopping has become a big trend that everyone seems to need, eBay is one of the many websites that promote online phenomenon.
eBay makes shopping anyone can do without having to get in the car, drive to a store or the mall, and then look around to find the right size or color or color. eBay allows users from all over the world to bid and purchase items.
The good thing about the website is that many times you pay a lot less than you would in stores, and even better is the fact that the item may not be available for sale at a local store for you.

3. YouTube - Changing Everyday entertainment
When it comes time to look for or watch videos online, there are many kinds of choices.
Sometimes people will upload videos to watch other people, but a lot of times due to bandwidth and other factors, those who have websites just choose to stay away from the video and other high bandwidth.
Since YouTube was a great place for everyone to see the video and even commented while watching it. This site allows you to actually see what you can think of. From the music video for bloggers, for random tutorials and videos, you can certainly find it on YouTube.

4. Amazon - Changing face of retail shopping
If you need food, you go to the grocery store. When you need clothes, you go to the mall or your favorite retail store you.If you need pet supplies, you go to the pet store. If you want to listen to music, you go buy a CD at the store. All of it is a common thing that people do,
However, when Amazon launched in 1995, the company, based in Seattle, changed the face of all retail spending. This website name says it all, Amazon is the largest river in the world and is the largest online retailer that can be imagined. Where else can you buy jewelry, MP3, clothing, vitamins, dog toys, and other things from the same location?
Amazon recently even started to sell food products that can be delivered to your door. With the creation of the Amazon, it is safe to say that less and less people visit the store - a general store to buy certain goods.
The site offers free shipping with a purchase of $ 25 as well as a promising Premium account 2 day free shipping or shipping cost $ 3.99 on the day berikutnya.Intinya is, anyone can count on Amazon to have what they need. It's really amazing how the e-shop can supply various items.

5. Wikipedia - Changing the way we examine / learn
Before Wikipedia came, high school and college students should do their own research in a way that is difficult.
In all seriousness, before Wikipedia became one of the biggest encyclopedia boom, many online sites that offer both a paid membership is required to have access to information or encyclopedia who did not have much information.
it's like going to the library to find research that you need or spend a little money to get it.
However, Wikipedia changed all of this and really make research easier. The site is to be the first of its kind: e-encyclopedia that has been developed and will probably continue to do so as long as the Internet is available.
On 16 April 2010, the website has been editing .. 000 000 titles in 1000 and today ranks adalh # 7 most frequently visited by Alexa. In the U.S. peringjkat stius is the sixth most visited. The amazing thing about Wikipedia is that you really can find anything and almost everything on Wikipedia.
With 3,410,052 articles and growing, there's not much you can not find. If you can not you can easily edit and add their own information. Appeal website for internet users from around the world, offering information in various languages ​​such as Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, and many others.

6. Facebook - Changing the way we interact
No phone first, then pagers, then cell phones, then came the internet with instant messaging services and chatrooms, and before all this when people want to communicate, there was talk conversations and letters.
Today, we have Facebook, and this is one of the social networking site that has taken over the world by storm.
Although technically not the first social networking site was created, many would argue that this is the most useful and is one that has made the biggest impact in our communities.
It seems like everything we do is based on Facebook today. Picture, friends, relationships, gossip, it all ties into Facebook in some other way, and no matter where you go, you'll usually find something Facebook-esque.
Musicians ask fans to add them on Facebook as well as writers, political candidates, businesses, and just about anything.
This site was launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg six years later exploded websites, attracting more than 500 million users, from you to celebrities, and even the world's political leaders.

7. Pandora - Changing the way we listen to music
The way we listen to music has changed drastically over time. Now MP3 and MP4 is the way of the world, but do not forget the tape, music, and of course, the radio. However, although MP3 and digital music seems to be the latest trend, Pandora has improved and offers a way to listen to music while you surf online.
Pandora is an online radio station that basically lets you create your own radio station based on the music you want to hear. Of course, listening to music on the Internet is not something new, but you can create your own music station.
Anyone can tune to the music played on Yahoo or listen to your favorite online radio stations, but the reality is that most of the songs are played every hour (or so it seems) and sometimes the song playing is not one that you like.
But, when it comes to Pandora, the website will play songs based on what you like, the website will play similar music.
The great thing is that Pandora often featuring new bands on the rise. With Pandora you can easily type in a favorite band on the website, listen to the song, and then have the opportunity to listen to new bands that are similar to your taste.

8. Blogger-Changing your blogging style
Blogging is the way and the way the world now. Who needs to scribble in a personal diary or to write random things on pieces of notebook paper when you can hop on your computer, log in, and type all your thoughts onto your computer screen, press upload, and have the opportunity to have the whole world to read what you have to say.
Blogger was launched in 1999 and since then has allowed the developing world of blogging.
While many want to credit LiveJournal or some other blogging sites by raising the bar in the world of blogging, Blogger comes first and is often credited for setting the general blog format.
This website has been designed and redesigned and most recently has begun working closely with Google to include some of their most popular features.
Web site on a scale of Alexa is ranked # 8 and every day more than 388 million words published on the website. Although competitors websites like WordPress, LiveJournal, and TypePad has existed, Blogger remains dikreditkansebagai start blogging revolution.

9. Geocities - Changing the internet accessibility
Although today anyone and everyone can access the Internet, from your cousins ​​children ages 3 years to my great-grandmother, when the Internet was first created, they are used mainly those involved in technological or scientific fields and many times these people are looking for a bug, fixes , and ways to improve existing technology.
Pda one point in time, the internet was quite boring and bare. However, since the website began to emerge, every day more and more people started using the Internet.
To continue this growth, such as GeoCities website was created, which opened a new world for people who are not the most tech-savvy as others. GeoCities allowed anyone to easily create their own website.
The website was started in 1994 and was first known as BHI (Beverly Hills High), which at the time was a small web hosting company based in Southern California. The company offers free services to people in various locations in California and a year later became the service across the country and later around the world.
Currently this website is dead in the U.S. and Canada, but still offered as a service in Jepang.Ketika buy Yahoo after 10 years of success for the so-called dot com bubble, it is said that nearly 38 million pages of Geocities closed.
Although only offered in Japan, it's safe to say that GeoCities allows web designers to start.

10. -Changing Craigslist classified ads
Before there was the Internet if you ever have any interest in the classifieds, you may direct to the local paper and see what you can find.
Of course then came the Internet, and when you can find classified ads online, most sites posting spam or filled with people who want to set you up, while others simply organized and most of the time classified ads for smaller locations do not exist.
However, at this time, if you're ever looking for something, you need to do is go to Craigslist. You can find a lot of things on the web advertising secrets, from cars, pets, for jobs, homes, and even a place to discuss what you have in your mind.
Craigslist continues to be very popular among people all over the world. You can find ads in your country, and then narrow it down to a city that makes finding what you need much easier.

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