Wednesday, August 8, 2012


May be too preoccupied with your gadget, as long as not too far. Like 5 behavior when using this BlackBerry.

1. Chatting with the person who tinkers BlackBerry
If you're talking to someone, avoid talking while tooling Utik BlackBerry. Because of your conversation will certainly hate to see because they feel ignored.

Especially if you are talking about is a serious thing. And do not try to drown your BlackBerry while talking to the boss or spouse. It's more to respect and appreciate the people closest to you, and this attitude would also be held when he was communicating with others.

2. Message with the letters and numbers
Ever get a message containing the result of a collaboration of words and numbers? How to read it, if convenient? Surely many say no. Well, the model is known as the writing style of Alay.

Not everyone likes this style writing. For hard to read and can make a 'sore eyes'. So if you send BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is broadcast or email 'congregation', do not use a model like this article!

3. BBM contact profiles with weird symbols
Indeed, excess use of fuel is changing the name could change-profile fit with what we want. But keep in mind is, try not to use strange symbols in the name of your fuel, especially at the beginning of the name.

Why so? Because it will be difficult friends, colleagues or your family when you want to find (search) your name.

4. New to ask for a PIN
Not everyone likes if the PIN is known, because usually it involves a person's privacy. So if you are not familiar with or just met the person but not too close, try not to force yourself to ask for the PIN. Unless this is a matter of important business or affairs.

5. Broadcast message for contact test fuel
Among the various types of broadcast messages of fuel, one of the most annoying thing is that there was only a 'test contact'. Whereas in the BBM version 6, a broadcast message is not that simple to figure out where the BBM contacts are still active.

Anything else?

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