Wednesday, August 8, 2012


You are dear to the private car is to maintain the condition of the exterior or interior. All the ritual starts from the car first went to the salon once a week or adding accessories to enhance your vehicle is often wont to do.

If treatment is not done properly, do not expect the car look cling. Well, normally car owners rarely pay attention to the details of the passenger cabin. Originally the car clean, the users were satisfied. At present it is advisable to automobile lovers as well as putting perfume in order to give the sensation of driving.

This time detikOto want to give any type of perfume that could make even the passenger cabin stays fresh all day use. The following types of perfume as reported automotto:

1. Car Type Perfume Folk Art Style

Perfume is priced at U.S. $ 11.58 - U.S. $ 15.79 or about USD 100-145 thousand. Not only eliminates odors in the passenger cabin, a perfume that has the appearance of a Buddha is also provide freshness in while driving. Besides the traditional touch of a statue of Buddha give the feel of the car cabin is more classy and elegant. The salesman also provide warranty for 1 year in the gold-plated perfume.

2. Perfume Carmate

The bottle is beautiful and not only make a tiny passenger cabin scent. Perfumes also provides aroma therapy like when you're in the spa. Because the fluid can be issued unique aroma of green tea, lavender, sea, and musk. That way, the perfume is priced at U.S. $ 8.99-US $ 12.99 USD 8 thousand-100 thousand it gives different atmosphere when you're in the car.

3. Crystal Perfume

These crystals are known to give long lasting fragrance, because it is designed to provide a pleasant aroma for every rider. Perfume is a liquid crystal aromatic essential oils are blended with a soft aroma that delivers a refreshing and pleasant fragrance. For those of you who are interested enough to spend U.S. $ 130.23 - U.S. $ 132.31 USD from 1.1 to 1.2 million.

4. Perfume Bottle (XH-419)

Behind a modern bottle, the fragrance of spices to use materials that are determined to keep you fresh setipa time. Immediately remove the perfume smell in the car so quickly you can create an elegant atmosphere. With the perfume, you can create a romantic atmosphere when with a partner in the car. This perfume is relatively cheap, only U.S. $ 17.00 or approximately USD 156 thousand.

5. Crystal Perfume Bottle

Well, for one model that is quite unique. Not only does it provide freshness in the cabin, also beautify the interior condition of the car thanks to its shape is like a crystal. With a fragrance that is deployed, you can concentrate more on driving. Because a perfume that was U.S. $ 358.00 - U.S. $ 365.00 or USD 3.2 to 3.3 million it provides tremendous flavor freshness.

6. Air Perfume Fragrance Dome Shape

This perfume is priced at only U.S. $ 9.28 - U.S. $ 12.38 or USD 85-113 thousand. Although the form is not conclusive, but underneath packs Dome Shape of Water Fragrance perfumes are liquids that can make you feel cheerful. Imagine the fragrance of the perfume has a four times longer than ordinary car perfume.

7. Perfume B & B
The perfume was imported from France is quite different from other car perfume. The unique shape can be used as additional accessories in the passenger cabin. About the smell, do not doubt. Perfume B & B can make you breathe so fresh. Well, about the ability, B & B could eliminate the odors that stick on the chair, doortrim quickly. Perfume is already widespread in banderolan U.S. $ 5 or about USD 45 thousand.

Perfume has been spread in Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia, North America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.

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