Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In the midst of the discourse restrictions on the use of subsidized gasoline and the rising price of gasoline, the fuel efficiency of each vehicle is now a concern.

What are affecting the level of keiritan a car and how to make cars to be frugal? Here we present.

There are several things that lead to wasteful use of gasoline into the vehicle's engine performance, fuel quality, infrastructure and driving behavior of each rider.

For vehicles, in the event Bintarto Shell Driver Education Programme explained that vehicle owners should take care of their cars and motorcycles are well and regularly.

"Use quality fuel as well. Because when looking at the specifications, vehicles over the year 2000 must use 91-95 octane gasoline. Use of gasoline octane numbers at the bottom was going to make the life of the engine is reduced and inefficient combustion. If under a so-so in 2000 using 88 octane , ".
"In addition, the use of quality fuel will create a crust on the engine is reduced. If the crust is reduced, the combustion could be more perfect. If complete combustion, can be longer engine life and fuel efficiency can be achieved,".

While factors of road infrastructure where many roads are jammed next thing that will affect the level of fuel efficiency.

"Therefore, we must be smart to choose the road and driving time,".

And finally, is the correct driving behavior. "It's one of the key factors. There are many things to consider when driving,".

Here are some tips for fuel efficiency can be achieved:
Driving behaviors:
Do the vehicles driving behavior to be 'careful'. As is generally known, the correct driving behavior is an important factor in achieving efficient fuel consumption: Anticipation. "Do not be provoked when on the road. If someone invites speeding, ignore it," he said.
Keep pace with the anticipated movement of the middle of another vehicle that does not need to accelerate and brake suddenly.
Use a high gear
Optimize the engine speed at 2000 RPM and raise the position of the highest gear as needed.
Turn off the AC
Reduce the engine by turning off the AC when not needed.
Reduce weight.
Many load means more workload to drain engine oil. Reduce excess weight. "Despite atributyang not need the car. When bike racks are not used, off course. Diminishing weights will reduce fuel consumption,".
Plan a trip.
Choose the best route, look for an alternative path, and multiply the information. Plan your trip.
Slow the vehicle.
10% faster than 80 miles per hour, meaning that 10% -20% more fuel is used. Perlambatlah your vehicle.
Close the window.
Be aerodynamics by reducing the air resistance which adds to the engine load.

Caring for Sale
Regular servicing of vehicles.
Regular servicing of your vehicle at a distance of time to guarantee your car will always run with best performance.
Note the condition of the spark plug.
Perform routine replacement every year or every 20,000 km for optimal combustion and ignition process is easy.
Periodic vehicle servicing.
Keep the condition of the engine and the smoothness of all the parts in it to keep doing an optimal job.
Brakes oil change periodically. Replace the brake oil every 2 years. This treatment can keep the quality of an efficient braking.
Keep your tire pressure.
Tire pressure of approximately 20% means that the vehicle will be 10% more extravagant. Keep your vehicle's tire pressure.

Fuel usage:
Proper use of fuel
Use the right fuel for your needs to optimize combustion.

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