Saturday, August 11, 2012


Car transmission is one of the important points in the vehicle. However, owners often underestimate this one. Come let us take care of the transmission. How how?

Listening tips from Daihatsu, transmission oil change should be done routinely according to the book service.

If not done routinely, the pull of the engine will feel heavy and can damage the transmission components. In addition, transmission oil changes using standard oil into separate components.

Oil changes you should use genuine quality oil to ensure the durability of the transmission.

Some other things that need to be associated with the transmission diperhatkan level include periodic inspection, checking of leaks, replacement of oil filter (on automatic transmission).

Checking the oil level at regular intervals to be used when the activity level is useful for checking the oil standard.

Shortage of oil can cause damage to transmission components. In the manual and automatic transmission, check for oil leaks is useful to know the condition of the vehicle.

Oil leaks can cause a reduction or ending that makes the transmission oil level is broken.

In the automatic transmission, replacing the oil filter should also be considered to avoid any damage to transmission components.

The users are familiar with the car must use a manual transmission. However, there are some things to consider to maintain the quality of components.

One of them is do not get the gears at the time of parking. It is an act of safety and can damage the transmission components.

In addition, the manual transmission cars do not get pushed when the battery worn out, but use a jumper cable to turn it on. The reason is, habits are encouraged to start the engine with manual transmission component damage.
As for the automatic transmission, here are some tips on its use:

  1. In the automatic transmission, position 1 or L for the steep rise and fall.
  2. In the automatic transmission, position 2 to rise and fall not so steep.
  3. In the automatic transmission, and D at position 3, but the Over Drive function on D.
  4. Over Drive O / D, used in high speed in a long time, serves to lower the engine speed so as to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. Position P (Parking), used at the time of vehicle parking for the safety function.
  6. At a red light, the position of D is shifted to N for safety and care of the automatic transmission.
  7. For automatic transmission vehicles when the strike on the road, it is recommended to use a car carrier (held), to prevent damage to the automatic transmission.

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