Saturday, August 11, 2012


Take a trip far as going back and forth to my hometown in desperate need of a good prime condition of our bodies, especially in children who often experience motion sickness when traveling far.

One of the causes of drunkenness experienced by the children's variety, both physically and psychologically because of the children themselves. As reported by Honda imobili Indonesia.

According to Honda psychological factors caused by the body that is not prime for a particular disease or other. While psychological factors can be due to boredom, stress, suggestion, or even an allergy to a particular scent.

Well for that there are 10 ways to prevent your children become 'drunk' or vomiting when traveling away.

1. Sitting in the direction of travel
One of the main causes of motion sickness, especially children, is the sitting position and direction of view is wrong. In general, they sit with casual and not in line with vehicle speed. Sitting position on his side or back towards the car's speed will also trigger nausea or dizziness.

2. Navigate to the child's view of objects at a distance
Object or objects in the distance will not move as fast as objects that are at close range when the car drove away. The nerves of the eye will be forced to work quickly. This is the cause of dizziness.

3. Avoid reading too long.
Looking at objects near the vehicle sped away, read on as the car sped away for some people can trigger nausea or dizziness. You can read the current speed of the car in low levels or at a standstill.

4. Prevent boredom
When the vehicle slows down due to the crowded streets, do the games with the children to avoid boredom.

5. Listen to music or your favorite songs
Another way to avoid boredom or burnout that can lead to motion sickness is to listen to favorite songs

6. Avoid cigarette smoke in the cabin
For you are a heavy smoker and can not leave the hobby of smoking in the car, you can open the car window.

7. Drink plenty of water and eat a snack
Other causes of motion sickness is the body fluid loss. Therefore, multiply drinking water, ginger ale, orange juice, or other fruit juices.

8. Avoid greasy and spicy foods
Other means of prevention is to avoid foods that contain lots of oil and spicy before and during the trip. Greasy foods trigger the body's tissues absorb more water, thus potentially have a shortage of fluids.

9. Avoid offensive smell in car cabin
Scent or odor in the car also can lead to nausea and culminate in drunken perjalanan.Untuk prevent this, you can use aromatherapy. We recommend using natural materials, such as lemon slices, lemon grass leaves, as well as ground coffee.

10. Resting after a 3-4 hour trip
In order to get some fresh air and relaxes stiff muscles, should rest after traveling 3-4 hours. Because the intake of fresh oxygen to the heart is carried by the blood would trigger nausea or dizziness.

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