Friday, August 3, 2012


Always awaited and yearned for his presence, or loved by the people around you, is the desire of every person. What a life! How do I? Condition, you need to master the 10 following manner:
  1. Be Positive. In a phenomenal book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne stated that everything good begins with a positive attitude. Starting from prejudice either to others to always see things from a positive side. Positive attitude will shine like a charm and will dance the people around you for pushing closer.
  2. Always Entertaining. Being around people who have a jolly nature can make you forget for a moment the burden of problems that are whack. Not surprisingly, the various parties or meetings, the presence of the penceria atmosphere is always eagerly anticipated. Want to know who he is? Find just the person who most often laughed and threw fresh jokes for the people around him. Did you know KAA smile, the body produces a hormone that can make sense of excitement. So, be diligent to come up with a feeling cheerful smile.
  3. Seen good. Friendly attitude is the opposite of cynicism. When meeting new people, those who have a friendly disposition will not hesitate to smile or say hello. Friendly attitude can bring a positive impression because it will make people who are dealing with you feel welcome and appreciated. Do not hesitate to initiate interactions with others. Start practicing with mempersering frequency or by telephone to speak directly with someone else.
  4. Like to help. "A friend in need is a friend indeed", a friend of one of these qualities can be judged by its presence in difficult conditions and willingness to help. Starting from such a small favor to seseoran greet you like working in the unit next door, to the great relief, such as taking care of the wedding preparations. Do not wait until asked to reach out to people in need. If you are in that position, you are certainly glad to have someone there to offer help, right?
  5. Humble. In contrast to low self-esteem that is a weakness, too reveal the power of humility. Only a strong person who is able besikap spirit of humility. He is like rice, which is increasingly sided, more down.
  6. Confidence. People who have high self-esteem is usually always feel comfortable and never felt threatened by the situation or the people around him prang. Therefore, an aura of peace will shine from him so as to attract the attention of those around him. In this world, no single person who has similar properties to the other. So, do not hesitate to show your unique self, subs it does not harm others.
  7. Easy to forgive. With and envy is one of the characteristics of chronic liver disease and most often come to attack someone. In addition to polluting the relationship, the disease can also make you feel uncomfortable. Hence, one is roomy heart will always be happy. They were loved by others because of the spread happiness around him. "To Forgive is to forget", do not just nod when he received an apology from anyone else.More important, you remove errors from your mind and heart.
  8. Appreciate the honesty. According to the wise, the price of honesty is more expensive than gold. What to do? Just imagine if you have a friend whose hobby is lying. But can make a mistake, lie very well be harmful to others. So, jagan honestly wonder if people are loved by everyone. Get used to say and be honest in a variety of occasions. Other people may be gullible, but you could not cheat yourself, right?
  9. Gentleman. A brave are those who are not afraid to voice out his heart. They are also afraid to take a position as the sodium absorption ratio of minorities, as long as it agrees with the principle. Usually, those who have this trait, most often a source of inspiration for others to dare to be different. So, do not be afraid to talk because he wants to be different. Including stand up and admit mistakes.
  10. Applicable Fair. Fairness means not discriminate others based on certain categories. Such people do not view the status and did not choose the friends. This boss is also loved by the men as fair in evaluating subordinates. No wonder that many people feel comfortable around her. To be fair, learn to observe the event from various viewpoints. That way, your assessment will not be biased on one side only.

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